🔹 Top Pharma Investment: Novartis and Sandoz lead as the top foreign investors in Slovenia, strengthening its position as a prime destination for pharma industries. Get ready as Sandoz ramps up with a whopping €400 million investment in a new biosimilar drug production facility in Lendava. Meanwhile, Novartis continues to expand, pouring €245 million last year into enhancing its production facilities in Ljubljana and a state-of-the-art Biocampus in Mengeš. Slovenia is now Novartis’ largest global hub for biologic drug ingredients!

🔹 Other Key Investments in 2023: The investment wave continues with German luxury motorhome manufacturer Carthago, which invested €50 million in a new plant in Ormož, northeastern Slovenia. Not to be outdone, Goodyear pumped €94 million into expanding their Kranj facilities, further solidifying Slovenia’s role in global manufacturing.

🔹 Upcoming Investments: Keep an eye on BSH Home Appliances, which plans to construct an €80 million factory in Nazarje. Plus, German companies EBM Papst and Herz are set to build new plants, boosting Slovenia’s manufacturing capabilities in small electric motors and HVAC systems, respectively.

🔹 Strategic Acquisitions: In a move to embrace innovation, British Volution Group acquired a significant stake in iVent, a trailblazer in ventilating systems and one of Slovenia’s fastest-growing companies. Furthermore, FTA Šentjur has joined forces with Germany’s TQ Group, marking a significant merger in the electronics sector.

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💡 Slovenia is clearly on the rise as a dynamic hub for both innovation and investment. Keep watching this space for more updates on how these developments unfold! #InvestInSlovenia #BusinessGrowth #PharmaInvestments #InnovationHub #SIBIZMnAServices