Our Services

How we work

The main SIBIZ principles behind our services:

  • mandatory detailed preliminary study of the client’s overall standing and plans;
  • client interests are our top priority! We’re always open to dialog and further discuss cooperation terms;
  • individual approach and optimal task solution schemes for every case;
  • working until we achieve every last goal;
  • price list and flexible terms of service (from consultations to full support);
  • financial guarantees;
  • we only use tested and fully legal methods (we never experiment with our clients! We are 100% dedicated to providing them a stable future in Slovenia);
  • professionalism (we never take on tasks we aren’t sufficiently qualified for);
  • attention to detail (our service agreement takes every detail into account, thus fully protecting all parties involved);
  • tactful communications (we don’t look for loop-holes in the law, or misuse what’s available to us, so as to always ensure our clients stable future in the country).


Our company offers a full array of consulting services to launch a business or invest in Slovenia.

Introductory consulting:

  • general information on doing business and the rules of common business practices in Slovenia;
  • insight into Slovenian tax legislation;
  • a list of various privileges/subsidies/rewards/incentives for businesses;
  • labor legislation details and wage expenses in Slovenia;
  • accounting, record-keeping and reporting requirements;
  • etc.

Specialized consulting:

  • tax consulting including:
  • tax optimization opportunities;
  • requirements for VAT, profit tax, etc.;
  • financial consulting:
  • preparation of financial records for banking structures;
  • tenders for subsidies, terms of participation;
  • labor legislation consulting:
  • optimal employment forms for specific tasks;
  • the creation of expert labor contracts;
  • opportunities for the employment of foreign citizens;
  • business consulting:
  • searching for business projects in Slovenia;
  • assistance in selecting potential partners;
  • information on attractive companies available for investment, partnership or acquisition;
  • drafting a business plan for investors;
  • dealing with permits;
  • legal consulting:
  • explanations of legislative requirements and procedures;
  • preparation of documents for regulators;
  • participation in legal proceedings;
  • real estate consulting:
  • selection of commercial and residential property for purchase;
  • selection of commercial and residential property for rent;
  • preliminary and basic purchase/sale agreements;
  • drafting rental agreements;
  • economic value analysis of investing in specific real estate objects;
  • assistance in selling commercial and residential property;
  • assistance in leasing commercial and residential property;
  • etc.

If you are planning to open or already run your own business in Slovenia and need professional advice or explanations, you can always count on us for qualified assistance.