Work and residence permit

Currently, there is a wide range of basis for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia, and the procedure for obtaining it is simpler than in other countries of the European Union.

We will help you to obtain work and residence permit in Slovenia based on your business activities, family reunification or schooling.

Obtaining residence permit in Slovenia based on Business immigration

Opening your own company employment in this company give you the right to run a business in EU, as well as obtain residence permit in Slovenia for you and your family members.

The procedure for issuing documents based on business immigration is simple and consists of three stages:

  1. Company registration, deposit of initial capital (3-7 days)
  2. Fulfilment of conditions of active business* or creation of a unique vacancy**(1-6 months)
  3. Obtaining work and residence permit (2-3 months)

*Active business management is considered as fulfilment of one of three conditions:

  • Investments in fixed assets in the amount of not less than 50000€ in the first 6 months of the existence of the company
  • Monthly turnover of the company is not less than 10000€ for the period of 6 months or
  • Employment of one person that already has work and residence permit in Slovenia for 6 months

** To create a unique vacancy, you need a high education, confirmed by an apostilled diploma. It is possible to become employed as a specialist after checking the position of your company’s vacancy in the Slovenian labour market.

More information about the stages of the business immigration procedure and the necessary documents from your part you can find here. Our specialists can help you with choosing the best option to fulfil the conditions for obtaining residence permit in Slovenia based on business immigration.

Family reunification

After one year of your residence in Slovenia and after the extension of your residence permit for the next year, you have the right to apply for a residence permit for your spouse and children.

A blue EU card gives the right to immediate reunification of the family.

It is also possible to obtain residence permit in Slovenia based on schooling. Adults can choose a paid program of one of the Slovenian public or private universities, for children there is the possibility of free schooling (in case one of the parents has a residence permit).

  The residence permit in Slovenia entitles you and your family members to:

 Live in Slovenia and to move freely on the territory of the Schengen Agreement without visas

  • Run a legal business in the EU or work as a contractor party
  • Receive a free, high-medical care
  • Receive a free education in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions
  • After 5 years of residence apply for permanent residence and after 10 years for the citizenship

The specialists of our company will help you to prolong the residence permit in Slovenia

The EU Blue Card

The Blue Card is an analog of the temporary residence permit biometric card for highly-skilled specialists. It combines both work and residence permit functions, and helps family reunite immediately. Blue Cards are issued for two years, and holders are not subject to immediately leaving the country after their employment contract is terminated. Instead, Blue Card holders are given time to obtain another residence permit.

Blue Cards can be obtained only by people with higher education and confirmed labor experience who are employed in Slovenia and offered wages at least 1.5 times higher than the country’s average, which includes the respective taxes and social charges. In addition, there are also special requirements for the companies that employ such specialists.

Before deciding whether to obtain a Blue Card to reunite your family as quickly as possible, you should consider all the available options, and compare their terms, overall expenses, advantages and disadvantages.

In our experience, Blue Cards are most reasonable for large families with preschool-age children.

If you have any questions about getting a Blue Card in Slovenia, just email us at [email protected]

Work permit

In accordance with changes in the Law on Employment, Self-Employment, and Foreign Employees ( dated 1.9.2015, foreign citizens who plan to work and live in the Republic of Slovenia must obtain a combined work and residence permit. 

Work permits as such are no longer issued according to the new legislation.

The current analogs of a work permit are the following two documents: a division’s permission on the employment of foreign citizens (issued for Upravna enota) and an information sheet (issued for a foreigner).

On the basis of permission, the Upravna enota issues a combined permit in the form of a biometric card that comes together with an information sheet containing information on the employer, employee and the job.

Submitting documents for a permanent residence permit

A permanent residence permit is issued for an unlimited time period, thus allowing you to potentially stay in Slovenia as long as you want.

As usual, business immigrants and their families can apply for a permanent residence permit after they’ve spent five years in Slovenia with a temporary residence permit, and students and their reunited family members can apply after they’ve lived ten years (people with Slovenian university diplomas are an exception).

There is also the option of obtaining a permanent residence permit after one-half of the indicated term or even almost right away. 

To successfully obtain a permanent residence permit, you must observe such legislative requirements as your actual residence duration and the payment of all required taxes. 

If you have any questions about requirements for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Slovenia or you need help in preparing all the necessary documents, please email us at [email protected]

Applying for residence

Foreign citizens can obtain Slovenian citizenship on various grounds, for example through naturalization or priority citizenship.

Dual citizenship is provided in exceptional cases to outstanding athletes, scientists and cultural figures, where granting citizenship corresponds with Slovenia’s interests. Under priority naturalization, dual citizenship can be provided to business immigrants whose business serves the national interests of Slovenia.

Anyone who has earned a degree from a Slovenian institute of higher education can apply for citizenship after seven years of living in the country.

Obtaining citizenship through naturalization means legally living in Slovenia for 10 years, the last five of which are completed with permanent residency status.

To become officially naturalized and obtain Slovenian citizenship, you must confirm your proficiency in the country’s official language (Slovenian), and renounce your current citizenship. This manner of obtaining citizenship is only available for adults (18 years and older).

Other obligatory conditions:

  • proof of sufficient funds;
  • a certificate proving the successful completion of a Slovenian language exam;
  • no record of convictions resulting in longer than three months of imprisonment, or a suspended prison sentence with over one year of probation;
  • Slovenian tax clearance.

If you’re interested in a consultation on any issues related to obtaining Slovenian citizenship regardless of the time frame, please email us at [email protected]

Immigration process

Business immigration STEPS (employment in one’s own company): 

  1. Obtaining a tax ID
  2. Registration of a company
  3. Opening of a company’s operating account
  4. Meeting requirements for document submission and obtaining a combined residence and work permit
  5. Registration in the system of compulsory health insurance
  6. Registration at the place of residence

The waiting period for obtaining a combined residence and work permit is from 2 to 9 months depending on the procedure type.

Immigration STEPS when receiving an education in Slovenia (second higher education)

  1. Selecting a university and program
  2. Document submission
  3. Obtaining enrollment confirmation
  4. Applying for a residence permit on the basis of educational needs 

Immigration STEPS when receiving an education in Slovenia (Slovenian language courses)

  1. Selecting a language school and program
  2. Payment  
  3. Obtaining enrollment confirmation
  4. Applying for a D-type visa in the Embassy in Slovenia

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