Property lease

Our specialists are ready to help you no matter the stage of locating and renting real estate in Slovenia:

  • provision of information on the most appealing residential areas and city districts (average price, Internet providers, schools, kindergartens, medical centers, flooding risks, environmental conditions, options for additional classes for children and sports activities, proximity to supermarkets, etc.);
  • recommending an optimal location based on specific requirements;
  • selecting various options;
  • contacting owners of the places you like, and setting up viewings;
  • accompanied viewings, communication with owners and the clarification of all important details;
  • checking and translating rental agreements;
  • legal support.

Real estate sale and purchase

After registering their own company in Slovenia, foreign citizens from non-EU countries gain the right to purchase real estate.

We are happy to help you select the most suitable real estate offered in Slovenia. 

Our goal is to find you the perfect home, office or investment property abroad, and protect you from all the associated risks.

Happy clients

We believe that the satisfaction of all client needs and requirements is a key to any business’ success. We always tow the line of your specific needs. We will only show you objects that fully match what you’re looking for. This can range from simple village houses, luxurious villas, investment properties or land lots for construction.

Local contacts

We understand that purchasing real estate abroad can be a difficult task. We support a wide network of reliable contacts throughout Slovenia and only recommend trusted professionals.

Support and consultations

The number of consultations and amount of support depends on your needs. If you decide to visit Slovenia to get a feel for the real estate market in person, we can easily help you organize your trip. We are happy to provide care and support at every stage of your stay, which is really no problem at all given our knack for hospitality.

We are also qualified to provide practical advice on how to transfer funds or, for example, how to organize any work involving real estate objects.

Real estate acquisition in Slovenia typically includes the following steps:

1. Looking for suitable property

Some people choose to spend a lot of time and money traveling around the country before realizing what they need. We will try to accelerate this process by only showing you property most suited to your needs.

2. Selecting property

We will provide you with all information and documents needed on a specific property, assist you in negotiations with owners, and organize all necessary checks related to the property’s status, etc. (for example, making sure the object is included in the land register, has all necessary permissions, is fully paid up in respect of taxes, etc.).

Our foreign clients are typically experienced in the real estate acquisition process, but the language barrier and local legislative and taxation nuances can create considerable obstacles that we will be happy to help you overcome.

3. Signing an agreement

At this stage, it is necessary to have full control over the situation to get all the needed documents. Slovenian legislation requires that all agreements related to real estate are written and composed by a qualified lawyer.

4. Formalities

The final phase is the completion of all remaining formalities. The purchase/sales agreement is notarized, and the documents are submitted to the Land Register for registration in the Land Book. Only final confirmation from the Land Register serves as confirmation of your property rights for the real estate object.

We will be happy to provide you with full support throughout the purchase of a real estate object.

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