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Evaluation of business projects

Many of our clients are seasoned businessmen with lots of ideas for launching their business in Slovenia, including restaurants, hotels, residential complexes, amusement parks, spa centers, etc. Although each idea looks promising, they all need to be evaluated due to the following reasons:

  • the specifics of the country and target audience won’t ever allow the project to reach its break-even point;
  • the project might be profitable, but its implementation is impossible in a specific location due to legislative requirements;
  • the project’s results depend entirely on decisions made by the state authorities, public organizations, etc., which is why it’s necessary to prepare all the documents before launching the project and obtain approval from the above-mentioned bodies;
  • implementation of the suggested project is absolutely impossible in Slovenia due to legislative reasons;
  • etc.

That is why we offer business project evaluation services to our clients. As part of the evaluation process, we will:

  • study your project’s nuances inside and out;
  • estimate the relevant statistics, forecast analyses, or contact professionals in the chosen field to evaluate the financial prospects of the project;
  • determine the formal requirements for this type of activity;
  • check whether the selected land lots, buildings or territories are suitable for your project’s implementation;
  • contact the regulators and officials responsible for the final decision on whether the project will be approved.

In the end you receive a full evaluation of your business project, and can thus make a well-reasoned decision on its feasibility.

Slovenian market research

We help our clients launch and develop their business in Slovenia, countries of the former Yugoslavia and other EU countries.

To properly evaluate the feasibility of entering the Slovenian market with new products, to find out and use the possibility of increasing sales volumes, and to evaluate the effectiveness of investing in a concrete business and the potential of developing this business idea taking the Slovenian context into account, we offer our own market research services.

This service is a crucial investment in the stability of your Slovenian company, and seriously reduces risks of premature business investments, the unprofitability of which can only be explained by the local ways of doing business.

Why should you trust us to research the Slovenian market to find out whether your services will be in demand?

Because we already have all the resources needed to do so:

  • numerous contacts and cooperation experience in implementing projects in the Slovenian business community;
  • access to statistical data and other information about Slovenia;
  • experience in business consulting and launching various types of businesses;
  • a deep understanding of the specific character of Slovenian society, as our employees are Slovenian.

If you have doubts about your business plans in Slovenia, feel free to ask us anything! We will evaluate your business idea and compose a detailed report about the viability (or non-viability) of its implementation, and the prospects for your specific industry.

Foreign market research

Sibiz is happy to provide information about foreign markets, as well as condensed analyses. Do you need to know which countries are the biggest importers of products in your category, or where the handling of similar imports is growing? Do you need to check which customs duties and other requirements and restrictions apply to your product category in a certain country?

Or perhaps you need help studying foreign markets or formulating an export plan? Well we’ve got you covered!

With us, you can benefit from the following information and analytical services:

  • International trade database covering 220 countries;
  • Information on customs duties and privileges in 191 countries, tariff quotas and other rates and conditions related to import and export;
  • Statistical data on direct foreign investments in the economy of almost 200 countries, with a detailed analysis by sector in 115 countries;
  • Analysis of 240 markets with a general analysis of key export sectors in certain countries, reviews, and comparative import/export statistics of various countries;
  • Analysis and comparison of information on the application of 120 voluntary standards in over 200 countries, as well as the certification of products and services in 80 different economic sectors.

If you’re planning on entering a new market, we’ll be happy to help.

Fund raising

In the EU and Slovenia, there are various incentives for businesses, such as various privileges (including tax privileges), programs for providing facilities for doing business (for example, in technological clusters), subsidies and grants from state organizations, and commercial and non-commercial funds.

For clients with businesses in need of financing for further growth and development, we can select suitable programs and help prepare all the needed documents for acquiring EU subsidies.

We can also provide consultations on what support measures are best suited and available in your situation. Even if no subsidies are available, almost any business in Slovenia can optimize its tax payments and rely on the support of non-commercial organizations (for example, privileged participation in non-professional exhibitions). Thus, we are always happy to help the development of your business and make you more confident in the future.

Finding investors and business partners

Due to the specific nature of its activity, our company has a lot of contacts in the Slovenian and Russian-speaking business communities in Slovenia. 

If you plan to develop your business in this wonderful country, we can offer you services for finding investors most likely to be interested in your idea; we can also help prepare a business plan, presentation, and provide support during meetings. 

Plus, we can help you find reliable business partners, including ones who already work in your niche, and also undertake any legal issues regarding your cooperation through a mutually beneficial partnership agreement.

Based on our own experience, we know how crucial it is to choose a suitable business partner and build proper relations from a legal standpoint as well. We are always ready to share our expertise with clients, and also put our knowledge into practice through helping you expand and develop your business in Slovenia and the EU.

Finding projects for investment

One of our most in-demand services is selecting projects for investment. 

According to EU principles, Slovenia is open to foreign investments, which means that foreign investors are not discriminated against.

Many major investors in Slovenia are from Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg. The most attractive investment areas include financial services and insurance, retail, chemical industry, engineering, business services and leasing, telecom and transport services, automobile industry, etc.

We can assist with both moderate investments, as well as quite impressive sums, such as regarding the acquisition of large hotels or production facilities.

We can always select the optimal project depending on the required investment parameters. Therefore, we need to know the size of your planned investment, the time, industry, expected rate of return, and degree of your desired participation in the business.


The key requirement for selling goods in Slovenia and other EU countries is the confirmation of their safety and harmlessness for people, animals and the environment.

These requirements must be fulfilled for products imported or manufactured in the EU. Requirements for product certification (CE) are stipulated in various EU directives on the types of products, sectors of products, and European and International standards.

To certify products depending on their type, you must complete the following:

  • test and assess possible risks of use;
  • clarify whether a competent authority must assess if the product complies with EU directives and standards;
  • prepare technical documents, including those confirming that the products meet technical requirements;
  • at the final stage, you are required to place a CE marking on your products. If you are in need of an assessment from a competent authority, you need to include its ID number as well. You also must prepare an EU Declaration of Conformity.

Consulting services regarding certification include:

Finding directives that define the requirements for the certification of a concrete project. If a product is unique and cannot be classified in any of the existing product directives, the certification of the project is regulated by 2001/95/EC (GPSD) directives. Directives express general requirements for the safety of a product, while the concrete technical requirements to meet these requirements are contained in the all-European standards.

Determining whether this product has to meet certain requirements in Slovenia. 

Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions on any required certification for products you plan to either manufacture in Slovenia or import from another country and then sell in the EU. In the event certification is required, our specialists will explain the entire procedure and estimated costs.


When starting a new company you must select the respective types of its activities from the standard classification of activity types 2008 (SKD). When opening a company there are no legally stipulated requirements to the choice of activity types, but there are such requirements for certain types of activities that have to be met before the business is launched.

If you need a consultation on the licensed types of activity in Slovenia, please contact us! 

Virtual office

Any company or individual entrepreneur in Slovenia needs a legal address to receive corporate correspondence, and which will be indicated in the company’s registration documents. 

Our company can offer assistance renting an office or workplace that can be adjusted to fit your individual needs. 

In the end, you receive both an officially registered company, and also our service to accept, process, store and promptly deliver all of your corporate correspondence. Plus, if the need arises, you can also use our office space (Internet, copy machines, conference hall, etc.) for your own operations.

We can also provide administrative services and office phone rental.

A partial office rental (address for the registration, accepting, storage and sending of scanned correspondence) starts at EUR 50 a month without VAT (EUR 61 with VAT). 

Clients who purchase a full package of business immigration support in Slovenia also receive the first 2 months of a partial office rental for free.


According to the current legislation of the Republic of Slovenia, legal entities must maintain accounting records and submit reports to governmental authorities (Tax Service, Pension Fund, Central Bank, Statistics Agency, etc.). In practice, this means the company’s accounts are best handled by a qualified specialist.

Outsourcing accounting services, or hiring third-party services to maintain records and submit reports, is a widely spread practice for smaller companies in Slovenia.

Indeed, it is quite convenient, as for a moderate monthly sum you get the services you need, all while saving on social costs, workplace engineering, wages for a full-time employee, training, insurance and other expenses.

We offer our own high-quality accounting services for company owners and individual entrepreneurs in Slovenia.

Our team of specialists includes greatly experienced and reputable Slovenian accountants, and a Russian-speaking consultant with a financial background who is proficient in Slovenian accounting terminology.

Advantages of our accounting service:

  • professionals who have been working for a long time in our company, and undergo regular additional training,
  • in addition to standard accounting procedures, we also pay extra attention to details related to business migration,
  • services in Russian, English, Slovenian and Croatian,
  • our clients never have to spend money on specialized accounting software,
  • specialized tax accounting consulting,
  • legislation monitoring.

Our accounting services start at EUR 50 a month, depending on the actual amount of work. Annual reports start from EUR 100.

A standard package for an operating company includes:

  • registration of one employee in the Social Insurance Service;
  • formation of a payroll budget for 2 employees on a monthly basis;
  • entering of up to 10 operations in the accounting records a month;
  • 1 hour of accounting consultations a month;
  • maintenance of the fixed assets register and depreciation calculation.

If you’re interested in professional and reliable accounting services, we’ll be happy to collaborate on anything you need.

Preparation of documents for work safety

In Slovenia, there are obligatory legislative requirements for the occupational safety and health of employees.

Depending on the working conditions and number of employees, the company has to prepare and be ready to present regulators acts on the following:

  • risk assessment;
  • office space assessment;
  • mobbing prevention;
  • the prevention of alcohol and mind-altering substances consumption at work.

It is also necessary that employees have passed the following:

  • medical examination;
  • labor safety exam;
  • first aid courses.

Our partners will help you determine which requirements your company needs to meet, adjust your office in accordance with them, explain everything the employees need to know, accept all respective exams, and prepare all needed documents.

Depending on your wishes, we can offer either individual or collective preparations for exams and how to pass them, which is a more cost-effective option. For more information, please email us at [email protected]

Real estate sale and purchase

After registering their own company in Slovenia, foreign citizens from non-EU countries gain the right to purchase real estate.

We are happy to help you select the most suitable real estate offered in Slovenia. 

Our goal is to find you the perfect home, office or investment property abroad, and protect you from all the associated risks.

Happy clients

We believe that the satisfaction of all client needs and requirements is a key to any business’ success. We always tow the line of your specific needs. We will only show you objects that fully match what you’re looking for. This can range from simple village houses, luxurious villas, investment properties or land lots for construction.

Local contacts

We understand that purchasing real estate abroad can be a difficult task. We support a wide network of reliable contacts throughout Slovenia and only recommend trusted professionals.

Support and consultations

The number of consultations and amount of support depends on your needs. If you decide to visit Slovenia to get a feel for the real estate market in person, we can easily help you organize your trip. We are happy to provide care and support at every stage of your stay, which is really no problem at all given our knack for hospitality.

We are also qualified to provide practical advice on how to transfer funds or, for example, how to organize any work involving real estate objects.

Real estate acquisition in Slovenia typically includes the following steps:

1. Looking for suitable property

Some people choose to spend a lot of time and money traveling around the country before realizing what they need. We will try to accelerate this process by only showing you property most suited to your needs.

2. Selecting property

We will provide you with all information and documents needed on a specific property, assist you in negotiations with owners, and organize all necessary checks related to the property’s status, etc. (for example, making sure the object is included in the land register, has all necessary permissions, is fully paid up in respect of taxes, etc.).

Our foreign clients are typically experienced in the real estate acquisition process, but the language barrier and local legislative and taxation nuances can create considerable obstacles that we will be happy to help you overcome.

3. Signing an agreement

At this stage, it is necessary to have full control over the situation to get all the needed documents. Slovenian legislation requires that all agreements related to real estate are written and composed by a qualified lawyer.

4. Formalities

The final phase is the completion of all remaining formalities. The purchase/sales agreement is notarized, and the documents are submitted to the Land Register for registration in the Land Book. Only final confirmation from the Land Register serves as confirmation of your property rights for the real estate object.

We will be happy to provide you with full support throughout the purchase of a real estate object.

One-stop-shop service – Točka Vem

The one-stop-shop service, Točka VEM (“vse na enem mestu” – all in one place) in Slovenian, is a place where clients can submit applications to register legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the state register of organizations (establishment, introduction of changes).

One-stop-shop services are rendered by all Ajpes branches, and also function within the Chamber of Economy of the RS, Business Chamber of the RS, the SPIRIT agency, as well as in notary offices and other organizations.

The one-stop-shop service located in 10 Kladezna ulica, 1000 Ljubljana, operates within the framework of the Union for Direct Foreign Investment and Internationalization Encouragement, and Sibiz is a part of this Union.

The right to render a one-stop-shop service is limited based on the high level of responsibility, and is provided to organizations that have proven the high quality of their services and are regularly evaluated by state authorities. Sibiz has successfully passed all required tests, and can now provide its own one-stop-shop service to its clients.

In the Sibiz office, you can perform the following procedures:

  • LLC registration;
  • Changing the list of the company’s activity types;
  • Registration in the court/legal register of changes to the company’s name, legal address, director, and types of activity for regular limited liability companies;
  • Registration of the company’s actual address;
  • introducing changes in the company’s actual address to the business registry of Slovenia;
  • deleting the company’s actual address from the business registry of Slovenia;
  • Reservation of the company’s name;
  • Reregistration of employees in the compulsory health insurance system (M1 form);
  • Exclusion of insured persons from the compulsory health insurance system (M2 form);
  • Changing data of the insured in the compulsory health insurance system (M3 form);
  • Application for registration in the VAT system for all types of legal entities (DDV-P2 form);
  • Submission of tax data (registration in the tax registry, notification on the tax period change, calculation of the planned taxation base, or the first DDPO tax statement) for all companies;
  • Notification of a job vacancy, verification in the labor market (PDM-1);
  • Registration of an individual entrepreneur (in the commercial register);
  • Changing data about an individual entrepreneur in the commercial register;
  • Removal of an individual entrepreneur from the commercial register.


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