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Currently, there is a wide range of basis for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia, and the procedure for obtaining it is simpler than in other countries of the European Union.

We will help you to obtain work and residence permit in Slovenia based on your business activities, family reunification or schooling.

Residence permit in Slovenia through investment
  • the most efficient and transparent way to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia
  • stable monthly passive income

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Business immigration: labor market
  • This option is optimal for people already holding a diploma of higher education. 
  • The average waiting period for a temporary residence permit from when the company was opened is 3-5 months

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Business immigration: The European Union Blue Card
  • Allowing high-skilled non-EU citizens to work and live in Slovenia
  • No delay family reunification
  • You will need Higher Education Diploma with an apostille and other documents confirming work experience and professional qualifications.

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Have a Great Idea For a Business? Want to extend your business to EU market? 

We help our clients launch and develop their business in Slovenia, countries of the former Yugoslavia and other EU countries.

Business projects evaluation

We will:

  • study your project’s nuances inside and out;
  • estimate the relevant statistics, forecast analyses, or contact professionals in the chosen field to evaluate the financial prospects of the project;
  • determine the formal requirements for this type of activity;
  • check whether the selected land lots, buildings or territories are suitable for your project’s implementation;
  • contact the regulators and officials responsible for the final decision on whether the project will be approved.

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Slovenian market research

To properly evaluate the feasibility of entering the Slovenian market with new products, to find out and use the possibility of increasing sales volumes, and to evaluate the effectiveness of investing in a concrete business and the potential of developing this business idea taking the Slovenian context into account, we offer our own market research services.

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Finding investors and business partners

Due to the specific nature of its activity, our company has a lot of contacts in the Slovenian and Russian-speaking business communities in Slovenia. 

If you plan to develop your business in this wonderful country, we can offer you services for finding investors most likely to be interested in your idea; we can also help prepare a business plan, presentation, and provide support during meetings. 

Plus, we can help you find reliable business partners, including ones who already work in your niche, and also undertake any legal issues regarding your cooperation through a mutually beneficial partnership agreement.

Based on our own experience, we know how crucial it is to choose a suitable business partner and build proper relations from a legal standpoint as well. We are always ready to share our expertise with clients, and also put our knowledge into practice through helping you expand and develop your business in Slovenia and the EU.

Certification and licensing

When starting a new company you must select the respective types of its activities from the standard classification of activity types 2008 (SKD). When opening a company there are no legally stipulated requirements to the choice of activity types, but there are such requirements for certain types of activities that have to be met before the business is launched.

The key requirement for selling goods in Slovenia and other EU countries is the confirmation of their safety and harmlessness for people, animals and the environment.

These requirements must be fulfilled for products imported or manufactured in the EU. Requirements for product certification (CE) are stipulated in various EU directives on the types of products, sectors of products, and European and International standards.

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Our specialists provide a wide range of services for Slovenian based businesses.


According to the current legislation of the Republic of Slovenia, legal entities must maintain accounting records and submit reports to governmental authorities (Tax Service, Pension Fund, Central Bank, Statistics Agency, etc.). In practice, this means the company’s accounts are best handled by a qualified specialist.

Outsourcing accounting services, or hiring third-party services to maintain records and submit reports, is a widely spread practice for smaller companies in Slovenia.

Indeed, it is quite convenient, as for a moderate monthly sum you get the services you need, all while saving on social costs, workplace engineering, wages for a full-time employee, training, insurance and other expenses.

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Virtual office

Any company or individual entrepreneur in Slovenia needs a legal address to receive corporate correspondence, and which will be indicated in the company’s registration documents. 

Our company can offer assistance renting an office or workplace that can be adjusted to fit your individual needs. 

In the end, you receive both an officially registered company, and also our service to accept, process, store and promptly deliver all of your corporate correspondence. Plus, if the need arises, you can also use our office space (Internet, copy machines, conference hall, etc.) for your own operations.

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Sibiz d.o.o.

About us

SIBIZ Business services Ltd. is a team of professional business consultants who share decades of experience collaborating with both international corporations and individual investors looking to operate in the Slovenian and EU markets.

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SIBIZ бизнес-услуги

We know our country inside and out. Our close collaboration with local partners embodies our idea that possessing profound knowledge of the local culture and its traditions is a key factor in the successful rendering of our services.

Thanks to our assistance and know-how, your business can operate more efficiently and develop more rapidly. We are experts in developing, managing and implementing projects designed to bring you long-term benefits.

 Jan Poniž

Managing Partner, CEO


Single window service

Our company is a registered VEM point where you can process most of the necessary documents without having to visit various government organizations.


Licensed activity

Our company has all the necessary certificates and permits for the provision of both legal and real estate services.


It is reliable with us

Hundreds of satisfied customers, and the highest trust rating according to the analytical agency Bisnode confirm the reliability of our company.


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