This year alone, the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy will spend €4 million to subsidise e-bikes. Subsidies will be available from June this year and are expected to cover up to 30% of the price. This is just one of twelve green tenders Slovenia will launch this year.

They will cost € 80 million, of which

– 14 million for self-sustaining solar power plants.

– 18 million for charging stations on motorways.

– 30 million for electric and hydrogen buses.

– 4 million this year alone to subsidise electric bicycles.

The subsidy for an electric bicycle should be around 30% of the retail price. The ministry explains that these subsidies are intended to enable those who cannot afford an e-bike today to buy one, but that the subsidy would make it easier for them to do so.

The e-bikes, the ministry says, will be exclusively for those who use an electric bike to get to work, for example, primarily to reduce traffic congestion. Various mountain bikes, sports bikes and tourist bikes would not be eligible for the subsidy. The purchase conditions, which have not yet been drawn up, are expected to be strict. The subsidy scheme will be based on a vision to avoid individual applications, but to try to channel these subsidy applications through the dealers and sellers of electric bicycles directly.

The call is expected to open as early as 3 June 2024, and all subsidies will now be managed by Borzen, rather than the Republic of Slovenia’s EcoFund, where waiting times for processing applications and subsidies have been as long as a year. Borzen is a state-owned company responsible for promoting the development of the Slovenian electricity market, its efficiency and market mechanisms in line with EU guidelines.