The European Blue Card serves as both a work and residence permit for non-EU, highly qualified professionals, enabling them and their families to reside and work within an EU member state while accessing a variety of benefits.

In Slovenia, there has been a recent adjustment to the minimum wage, impacting Blue Card holders as well. The current gross salary stands at 3,594.57 euros, translating to a net amount of 2,075.83 euros for those who are not tax residents of Slovenia. We advise our clients to aim for a salary of 3,650 euros gross, which would net approximately 2,104.76 euros.

Based on information from the Labour Office of the Republic of Slovenia, as shared with SIBIZ, there is an impending reduction in the minimum wage requirement for EU Blue Card holders. The criterion is set to shift from the current 1.5 times the average Slovenian salary to merely the average salary. Our calculations, using the latest data, suggest that this adjustment could lower the EU Blue Card minimum salary to about 2,400 euros gross, or roughly 1,600 euros net. This represents a notable decrease from the present minimum salary for EU Blue Card holders.

Stay tuned for further updates on the implementation of this change.