If you live in the Republic of Slovenia habitually and you have a residence permit, you have the right to drive the vehicles for which you hold a license, for one year from the date of registration of residence in the Republic of Slovenia on the basis of a valid driving license certificate issued by the competent authority of your country.

There are no time limits for driving licenses issued in the EU Member States, Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland.

If you have a habitual residence in the Republic of Slovenia, and you fulfill the driving conditions, you have the right to change your driving license to a Slovenian driving license. A Slovenian driving license is issued after you pass the practical part of the driving exam. After replacing it, the driving license, which was issued abroad, is returned to the authority of the country that issued it.

You can apply for the replacement of your driving licence at any Administrative unit, by providing the following documents:

  • a valid driving licence,
  • a valid medical certificate,
  • a photograph, 35 x 45 mm in size,
  • confirmation of payment of the administrative tax (18,10 euros) and the driving licence form  (3,27 euros),
  • confirmation of fulfilled habitual residence conditions in the country that issued a valid driving license, or conformation of studied in that country for at least six months when obtaining a driving license.

You can contact any driving school in your area to pass the practical part of the exam.

*Habitual residence

The residence is considered as habitual if the person is in the country for at least 185 days in each calendar year due to personal or business connections.

For the habitual residence of a person whose business connections are in a different place than his personal connections and who lives in two or more countries, the place or country of his personal connections is considered as his habitual residence, if this person returns to this place regularly. If a person is in a country to complete a task that has a specific duration, there is no need for the last quoted condition to be fulfilled. Visiting a university or school in another country does not mean transferring the habitual residence to that country.

In case you do not have a habitual residence in Slovenia, and you only have a registered address of residence, you can use your national driving license. If the national driving license does not comply with the Road Convention, you must also have an international driving license in addition to your national driving license.