NGO Save the Children on Wednesday published the index End of Childhood. According to their information, the safest countries for children to grow up are Slovenia and Singapore, while more than half of all children in the world are at risk of conflicts, poverty and discrimination of girls.

Health and prosperity of children around the globe are measured by the index. The criterium includes nutrition, access to education, infant mortality, child marriages, child labour, teenage pregnancies and regional conflicts.

Slovenia has emerged as the country where such deviations happen very rarely for the second time. 0.5% of child marriages were recorded in Slovenia, and only 2.1% of children did not attend school.

Fewer than four per 1,000 teenage girls gave birth in Slovenia and not a single child per 100,000 children was murdered.

Singapore took the second place with similar results. Slovenia and Singapore are followed by Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Except for Singapore and South Korea, the top-ten list is dominated by European countries. Central and West Africa countries are at the bottom of the list.

According to the report The Many Faces of Exclusion by Save the Children, the situation has improved from last year’s report in 95 out of 175 countries. However, it has worsened considerably in around 40 countries.


Photo: Planet lepote