The new Internationalisation 2015-2020 program, adopted by the Slovenian government in June, focuses both on the internationalisation of Slovenian companies and on foreign direct investments.

 The strategic goals of the program are to increase the value of exports by 5% annually, to increase GDP per capita by 2-3% annually, the share of exports in GDP per capita by 2% annually; increase exports to non-European markets by 5% annually; and to at least preserve the share of incoming FDI in GDP. More specifically, the value of direct foreign investments should grow annually by four percent.

The program also defines Slovenia’s target markets and divides them into three groups: priority markets which are globally significant, yet do not have a strong Slovenian presence (for example, the USA or Japan), traditional markets (Europe with Western Balkans and Russia) and prospective markets, with strong opportunities for the future (China, Gulf States, Central Asia and India).

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