Slovenian tourism, in the first five months recorded a total of 10% more tourist arrivals, which generated 7% more overnight stays – foreign guests by 8% and domestic guests by 6% more overnight stays than in the same period last year.


Guests from Austria and Italy from January to May created 10% more overnight stays and guests from Germany 11% more overnight stays. Croatian guests have generated 13% more and guests from Hungary 4% more overnight stays. Slovenian tourism also recorded growth in the number of overnight stays from tourists coming from United Kingdom for 10%.

They record a growth from countries of Eastern Europe in the number of overnight stays: from Latvia for +15%, from Lithuania for +86%, from Estonia for +19%, from Romania for 39%, from Slovakia for +15% and from Czech Republic for 7%. Serbian guests created 11% more overnight stays. The positive trend was recorded from the Scandinavian countries (Norway: +44%, Sweden +3%, Finland +4%).

Slovenia is still a popular destination among Dutch guests since they recorded an increase of 16% more overnight stays compared to the same period last year. The positive trend also remains from tourists from overseas markets. For overnight stays, they recorded a growth from Japanese market for 10%, China 72%, Korea 58%, United States 17% and Brazil for 12%.

They also recorded a minus in overnight stays by guests from certain emitting countries: Russian Federation – 35%, Ukraine – 7%, Belgium -5%, France – 5%, Luxemburg – 9%.

The maximum number of overnight stays was in the first five months recorded in health municipalities (36%), followed by mountain (22%) and seaside (17%) municipalities. During this period was in Ljubljana generated 11% of all overnight stays, in other municipalities 8%. The highest increases were recorded in urban municipalities (+18%) and Ljubljana (+14%).

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