Statistics show that the overall number of arrivals of tourists in 2014 increased by 3.6% compared to year earlier. The number of arrivals of foreign tourists was up by 6%, generating 1% more overnight stays than the year before. The highest number of overnight stays was in spa municipalities.

Tourism is an important industry in Slovenia, contributing more than 12% of the country`s gross domestic product, accounting for more than 8% of total exports and more than 40% of service exports. Between January and November 2014, foreign tourists spent a total of 1.9 billion euros in Slovenia. Tourism is the only export activity that exports VAT, while contributing EUR 240 million in income tax and providing 45,000 jobs.

More foreign tourists

The number of foreign tourists increased last year by 6% compared to 2013, and the number of overnight stays by foreign tourists increased by 1%. Among all overnight stays in 2014, 63% were by foreign tourists. Italians had the largest share in 2014 (16% of all overnight stays). Austrians were in second place (13% of all overnight stays) and Germans in third place (11% of all overnight stays). They were followed by Russians, with a 5.3% share in total overnight stays and tourists from Croatia and the Netherlands with a 5% share each.

Most overnight stays in spa municipalities

In 2014, the highest number of overnight stays was recorded in spa municipalities (32%). They are followed by mountain municipalities with 23% of overnight stays, coastal towns with 22% and Ljubljana with 11%. Compared to 2013, the biggest growth in the number of overnight stays was recorded in Ljubljana (7%).

World tourism

According to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, the number of international arrivals of tourists (who had at least one overnight stay) in 2014 reached 1,138 million, which is 51 million more than in 2013. With the 4.7% increase in the number of international arrivals, world tourism recorded above-average growth for the fifth year in a row since 2009, when the world entered a global economic crisis. For 2015, the World Tourism Organisation has forecast that the number of international tourists will increase by 3 – 4%, which will provide an additional boost to the global economy.

January 2015

Compared to January 2014, in January 2015 9% more tourist arrivals and 6% more overnight stays were registered in tourist accommodations. In the same comparison the number of domestic tourist arrivals increased by 9% and their overnight stays by 10%. The number of foreign tourist arrivals increased by 8% and that of their overnight stays by 4%.

In January 2015, 40% of all tourist overnight stays were registered in health (spa) resorts, 28% in mountain resorts, 9% in seaside resorts and also 9 % in municipality Ljubljana. Compared to January 2014, the number of tourist overnight stays in municipality Ljubljana increased by 16%, in seaside resorts by 12%, in mountain resorts by 9%, while in health (spa) resorts it decreased by 1%.

In January 2015 foreign tourists generated 60% of tourist overnight stays in Slovenia. Key markets, from which the most overnight stays of foreign tourists in Slovenia were registered, were Italy (26%), Croatia (21%), Austria and Serbia (9% from each), the Russian Federation (6%), Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany (3% from each). Compared to January 2014, overnight stays generated by tourists from the Russian Federation fell by 24%.

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