In Slovenia, there are different school programs available, among them the international education. For expats, moving to Slovenia with school-aged children, there are many possibilities available to find an international school that provides an identical or a very similar curriculum and school environment as your home country and to which your children are accustomed to. If, however, you prefer to immerse your children in the local culture, a local school can be an excellent choice. There is, of course, the language issue, but the Slovenian school system offers great help to overcome this obstacle.

In Slovenia, there are three private international schools – British International School of Ljubljana, QSI International School of Ljubljana (American International School) and the Ecole Française du Ljubljana (French International School). They are offering educational programs of their countries, while at the same time they are running standardized programs, which are the same as in all other schools in the network of international schools. This is essential, as this will ease the transition of the student from country to country. Of course, all these schools will also teach your child some Slovene and many also have informative lectures on Slovenian traditions and culture.

In addition to this, certain schools in Slovenia adopted the international baccalaureate program. Such a program is offered by International High School Gimnazija Bežigrad in Ljubljana, Second Gymnasium Maribor and High School Gimnazija in Kranj. International Baccalaureate program is a programme in frame of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). The program is aimed at students in the last two years of secondary school. The international baccalaureate curriculum consists of six subject groups, the language of instruction is English.


Nursery schools:

▪ International Kindergarten Danila Kumar

▪ Preschool at British International School of Ljubljana

▪ International and diplomatic kindergarten Mali Svet

▪ Preschool at Ecole Française French School of Ljubljana


Primary/elementary schools:

▪ International elementary school Danila Kumar

▪ British International School of Ljubljana

▪ QSI International School of Ljubljana

▪ Ecole Française French School of Ljubljana


Secondary schools:

▪ International secondary school at Danile Kumar

▪ International High School Gimnazija Bežigrad

▪ British International School of Ljubljana

▪ QSI International School of Ljubljana

▪ Ecole Française French School of Ljubljana

▪ Second Gymnasium Maribor

▪ High School Gimnazija Kranj



Address: Cesta 24. junija 92, 1231 Ljubljana-Črnuče.


BISLJ_nThe British International School of Ljubljana opened its doors in September 2008. It offers high quality preschool, primary and secondary education in English, combining British tradition with modern learning methods. Based in the Bežigrad area, to the north of the city centre, the school is enrolling children aged 3 to 15. The Pre-School and Primary Section use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the Secondary Section prepares both Slovenian and foreign students for University of Cambridge ESOL and IGCSE exams, with A-Level following later. Experienced English native speaking teachers are being recruited from the UK, Slovenia and Switzerland.



Address: Dolgi most 6 A, 1000 Ljubljana


school-computersQuality Schools International (QSI) of Ljubljana, a non-profit institution, opened in September of 1995 and offers a high quality education in a nurturing and engaging environment. The facility is located in park like surroundings with sports fields, indoor tennis facility and forested areas. Classrooms, library, and both computer labs are networked with the latest technology. The school facility is connected to a 1000 sq meter sports hall, fitness gym, and lounge area. The instruction is delivered in the English language for children from 3 to 17 years of age. They offer small class sizes, and well qualified educators, many with teaching degrees and experience from the U.S.A. Their enrolment represents many nationalities, including students from the diplomatic community, from the international business community, and from the Slovene community. QSI of Ljubljana is fully accredited in the United States by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, is a designated SAT testing site, and offers AP courses for Secondary students.



Address: Ulica Dušana Kraigherja 2, 1000 Ljubljana



The French School in Ljubljana (EFL) has been offering education at the highest level to children ranging from 2 to 18 years old, both French speaking and non-French speaking since 1991. This French school is subsidized by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) which is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are many different nationalities attending the school; Slovenes, French, Belgians, Canadians, Croatians, Spanish, Italians, Luxembourgers etc. The EFL shares its premises with the Slovene Livada Primary School. Children are educated in bilingual environment and setting. Language of instruction is French; Slovenian is taught to all pupils to varying levels and is adapted to the Slovene as well as to the foreign children.



Address: Godeževa 11, 1113 Ljubljana


DanilaKumarDanila Kumar International School is a state owned school that has been offering an English language-based IB programme for more than 20 years. The school provides an international kindergarten, elementary and secondary school programme for children of foreign nationals living in Slovenia. The Slovenian Ministry for Education subsidises the school, allowing them to deliver an international curriculum that is authorised and approved by the internationally recognised International Baccalaureate Organisation at very competitive rates. The school has well equipped grounds and facilities in the Bežigrad district of Ljubljana, providing high quality education for children between the ages of 3 and 14 years. There are 12 to 18 students in each class, which makes an excellent teacher-pupil ratio. The school offers a variety of after-school activities, most of which are free to join.



Address: Peričeva 4, 1000 Ljubljana


Gimnazija-Bežigrad_arhiv-šoleGimnazija Bežigrad adopted the programme of international baccalaureate, in cooperation with International Schools Association, UNESCO and European Council of International Schools. The school is certified by the IBO to run the Middle Years Programme (13-16) and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (16-19). The Middle Years Programme has subjects in: English, German and Slovene, history and geography, biology, chemistry and physics, math, arts, sports and computers. Across the different subjects are five areas of interaction (approaches to learning, community service, health, social education, environment, developing creativity). The IB Diploma Programme is a rigorous pre-university course of studies designed as a two-year curriculum in English. Students study six subjects they choose and have to write an extended essay, attend the Theory of knowledge and Creativity, Action, Service (the life outside the world of scholarship).



Address: Trg Miloša Zidanška 1, 2000 Maribor


Maribor_Cerne_047The program of International Baccalaureate is identical to the one at the Gimnazija Bežigrad. The school has a long tradition and is known for its commitment to offering students a firm academic foundation for further study and the possibility to develop into creative, open-minded individuals who will be prepared to work in an international atmosphere of cooperation and tolerance. Both elements — the academic rigour and the extracurricular diversity– have been given equal attention in the history of the school. With the academic achievements of its students, the school ranks among the best in Slovenia. The policy in developing its extra-curricular activities has been to open the school to its students and encourage them to spend afternoons and evenings discovering their talents. The school is striving to be a friendly place for learning where students’ creative potential can be challenged.



Address: Koroška cesta 13, 4000 Kranj


Kranj P1000089Gimnazija Kranj was established in year 1810 and is one of the oldest and most respected schools in Slovenia. Every year they perform above average results in the national examination (matura) at the end of grade 12 and at knowledge or skills contests on the national and international level. Gimnazija Kranj is a four-year gymnasium enrolling 1.000 students from 15 to 18 years old, who had above average results at the primary school. Their students are accepted at best university programmes and perform excellent results in all scientific fields especially in natural sciences. More than 80 per cent of the students are admitted to their first-choice university. Gimnazija Kranj adopted the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in 2009.



Address: Matjaževa ulica 4, 1000 Ljubljana


Malisvet_01Mali svet is a private kindergarten that opened its doors in 2007. They provide parents and children who live in Slovenia with a pre-school program in English and in the Slovene language. They also welcome children from Slovenian parents who will in the future be going to foreign countries, so their children can be introduced to basic forms of the English language, which they will use to adjust to an educational program abroad.