The BicikeLJ self-service rental bikes supplement the public transport system in Ljubljana and are the fastest and cheapest means of transport in the city centre. The system is easy to use and enables the user to rent or return the bike in a time period of only a couple of minutes at any of the bike rental spots in the city. The BicikeLJ bike sharing system has 36 rental stations covering an area of approximately 12 square kilometres in a network where the terminals are not separated more than 500 meters. The city centre is rather small, so it is pleasant to get your bearings using this mean of transport.


The BicikeLJ bike sharing system was first activated in 2011. It currently has more than 25,000 active users. In three years, the system saw almost 2,200,000 rentals.

The use of the BicikeLJ bike sharing system is available upon registration on the BicikeLJ website. The registration process requires you to enter your email address and credit card number. When your registration is completed, you receive a nine-digit code required to access the BicikeLJ system and a four-digit personal PIN code to be entered when hiring a bicycle. Registration is simple and can be done annually (3 euros participation membership fee) or weekly (1 euro). The weekly use of the scheme is possible with using your credit card only, but for the yearly use you have to acquire the Urbana city pass card.

The first hour is free of charge, the second is 1 euro and the third 2 euros; each additional hour is 4 euros. Rentals are almost free-of-charge since more than 99 % of the rentals are shorter than one hour. The system operates 24 hours a day throughout the whole year.


After registering on the web site, you can rent the bicycle. Find the nearest station on the map and approach the terminal, enter your pin code and the number of column with the bicycle that you want to rent. The bicycle gets unlocked and you are able to ride the city on two wheels. In the front there is a basket where you can put your things, and it is well protected in order not to get dirty from the chain grease or road dirt when raining.

The maximum bicycle hire period is 24 hours. If you fail to return the bicycle or the bicycle gets damaged, your credit card will be charged with the sum of 350 euro. In case of an accident or theft, call the free phone number 080 23 34 and report the theft or accident to the police within 24 hours.


Additional information on the BicikeLJ bike sharing system is available online at

Useful App with a map of Ljubljana with all the stations and possibility to check in real time all available bikes and free docks from each station.


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