Slovenia’s natural spas, which generate some EUR 200m in revenue per year, should seek out niches and specialise in order to attract more foreign tourists, a round table on the future of spa tourism in Slovenia concluded.

What Slovenian spas lack most is specialisation, said the head of the Association of Slovenian Natural Spas Iztok Altbauer.

Instead of knowing which spas offer specific products, guests have a choice of 15 spas with very similar services, he said.

Igor Magdič, the executive director of the Terme Lendava spa, said every spa needed to find its guiding line and specialise in a certain segment, adjusting their operations accordingly.

For bigger spas the future lies in high-quality mass-market services; smaller spas need to offer niche products, he said.

The importance of specialisation was also highlighted by the executive director of Terme Ptuj Andrej Klasinc.

For Šmerješke toplice the focus on individualised medical wellness programmes paid off, added Nada Milač of Krka’s wellness division.