Residence Permit

Purposes of stay for which you may be issued a residence permit are the

  • Employment or work, research work, seasonal work, transnational
    services provided by posted workers, daily migrant work;
  • Family reunion;
  • Studies, education, specialisation or professional training, practical
    training, cooperation or participation in international volunteer
    exchange programmes and other programmes that are not included
    in the formal education system;
  • Other justified reasons provided for by law, international acts or
    international principles and customs (e.g. receipt of Slovenian
    pension, property of real estate, hospital treatment, custody,
    entitlement to financial compensation);
  • Slovenian origin up to the third successive generation.

Conditions for obtaining a permit:


  • Valid passport (whose period of validity must exceed the intended period of stay in the Republic of Slovenia by at least three months)
  • appropriate health insurance certificate;
  • sufficient funds for subsistence (the amount per month must be
    at least equal to the basic minimum income in the Republic of
  • fulfilment of one of the justified reasons or purposes for which an
    alien intends to reside in the Republic of Slovenia (e.g. issued and
    valid work permit, certificate of admission to studies, concluded
    agreement on hosting with a research organisation, etc.)
  • certificate from the criminal records not older than three months
    issued by the country of origin
  • The first residence permit may only be issued as a temporary
    residence permit. File an application with diplomatic missions and
    consular posts of the Republic of Slovenia abroad. If you wish to
    reside in the Republic of Slovenia because of employment, work or
    to perform seasonal work, your employer may file an application for
    you (with diplomatic missions and consular posts abroad or with an
    administrative unit in the Republic of Slovenia).
  • Renewal of a temporary residence permit – file an application for renewal with an administrative unit  before its expiry. The permit is renewed under the same conditions as it was issued.
  • Further temporary residence permit may be obtained if, after expiry
    of the permit, you wish to reside in the Republic of Slovenia for a different reason from that for which the permit was issued. The  conditions, the procedure and manner of issue are the same as in  permit renewal.
  • Permanent residence permit may be issued after a period of five
    years of continuous residence in the Republic of Slovenia based on
    a temporary permit. If you have continuously resided in the country
    due to your studies or professional training, you are not entitled to
    a permanent residence permit, since, in this case, time spent in the
    Republic of Slovenia is associated with only half its actual value

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