A brief overview of current programmes and calls for proposals for businesses and entrepreneurs in the European Union.

1. Electromobility training

The E-boost programme co-funds training for SMEs working in the field of electro-mobility, with the aim of helping companies to get up to speed on the challenges of electro-mobility in all sectors, from automotive and industrial vehicles to rail and maritime transport.

Successful companies will be able to choose from a range of training programmes. The training courses cover the latest technologies, the integration of renewable energies and data analysis, as well as business development, project management and internationalisation.

2. Innovating to meet the challenges in healthcare

The HealthChain call aims to find innovative solutions to challenges identified by participating healthcare organisations (challengers). Through the call, the consortium aims to identify and support ten SMEs with promising innovations – solutions. These companies would complement the knowledge of the ten leading SMEs and together they would come up with solutions to the perceived challenges.

The target beneficiary is an SME, which must be from a different region from the health organisation proposing the challenge. Among the health organisations proposing challenges is the Surgical Sanatorium Rožna dolina, with two challenges, improving the safety and empowerment of patients after emergency hip surgery and improving patient safety by assessing mental distress after surgery. A single SME can receive a maximum incentive of EUR 50 000.

3. Artificial intelligence solutions

The Enfield project has €1.1 million available to promote at least 18 small projects that address specific technical challenges. The call aims to attract institutions whose research could find solutions to specific technological challenges in the field of artificial intelligence. These are challenges that have been identified by Enfield consortium members from industry in the course of their business. The call is open to research institutions, start-ups, SMEs and large companies, and each applicant can receive an incentive of up to €60,000.

4. Accelerator for the manufacturing industry

The EIT Manufactoring Community Accelerator Programme is aimed at startups with solutions developed up to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 or higher, currently raising funds or in the middle of a funding round. Applicants are expected to develop new products, services, solutions for customers in manufacturing industries and have a B2B business model. The applicant must have an innovative product or service that contributes to the strategic objectives of the EIT. Through the Accelerator Programme, EIT Manufacturing aims to find solutions to critical challenges of the manufacturing industry identified in the thematic areas:

– digitisation and automation,

– net zero industry,

– renewable energy and

– circular economy.

The possible amount of funding is between €50 and €500 thousand. It is an open call, so applications are open all the time.

5. Integrating art and technology

The Lauds Exploration call aims to fund and support collaboration and co-creation between creators or creative individuals, technology providers and end-users, through the promotion of artistic experimentation.

The project has €240,000 to support at least six experiments in areas such as designing new ways to use technologies that promote green solutions and/or exploring alternative design methods using artistic practices that create new industrial models.

6. Helping the green and digital transition

The greenSME project aims to support SMEs in the manufacturing industry in their sustainable and digital transformation to become more sustainable, adaptable and resilient. On this journey, manufacturing SMEs are supported by accredited sustainability and technology providers.

The incentive allows companies to assess their current situation, define an action plan, connect with sustainability and technology providers, and receive training. Together with a technology provider, they can then apply for funding to implement part of the action plan. Approved sustainability projects will be eligible for up to €35,000 in co-funding.

7. Defence projects

The Leviatad call is open for small-scale projects in the defence sector. It is open to SMEs and start-ups that can contribute to developments in various fields: autonomous vehicles and drones, communications, cyber security and electronic warfare, vehicle equipment, predictive maintenance, improving weapons systems and ship decarbonisation.

Each project can receive up to €20 000. Eligible companies must be an existing member of an international or national organisation (cluster, platform, chamber of commerce, guild or similar) supporting the naval and aerospace defence industry and its value chains.

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