The draft of the new hospitality bill will be put out for public consultation on Monday by the Ministry of Economy, and we have  obtained the starting points, which were prepared just before the May 2024 holidays. As per sources: there may be some changes, but given the proximity, there should not be anything substantial.

  • A limit on the number of beds: In apartment buildings, the limit will be set at six beds, while for cottages and other properties up to 15 beds will remain allowed.
  • Setting the days of letting: Municipalities will be entitled to set the number of days that landlords can let their properties, with specific limits for primary residences to only 30 days per year.
  • Neighbour consents: 75% consent of neighbours, including the boundaries of the dwelling, will be required for letting.
  • Municipal certificate: A municipal certificate valid for three years will have to be obtained before the start of the letting.
  • Supervision: The implementation of the Law will be supervised by the municipalities through their inspectorates.
  • Exceptions: There will be no time limit for those who register as entrepreneurs and change the use of the flat to a catering establishment.

In addition, changes are foreseen regarding the opening hours of caterers, where a catering establishment will be allowed to operate according to the published opening hours, with the possibility of extending the opening hours with the consent of the municipality.

As Government claims this bill aims at regulating the short-term rental market, which has grown considerably in recent years and causes problems such as lack of parking and accessibility to housing. The changes are intended to help maintain a balance between private renters and official accommodation establishments and to improve the quality of life in local communities.

If you would like more information on the upcoming proposed changes  or assistance and advice in obtaining necessary permits to develop the activity of renting out property for tourism purposes or regular renting on a long or short term basis, or if you are looking for a suitable property for investment or development, please contact us at: [email protected]