Ljubljana, January 19th 2020 

Dear clients, 

lately we have received some questions from your side regarding the possibility of COVID-19 vaccination in the Republic of Slovenia. Therefore, we are sending you additional information about the vaccination plan that was confirmed by the Slovenian Government, information about the vaccines that will be available in Slovenia etc.  

  1. Who is entitled to the free vaccination in the Republic of Slovenia: 

Firstly, and most importantly. Everyone who holds a temporary or a permanent permit in the Republic of Slovenia, no matter what type of permit this is (work and residence permit, resident permit for unified family members…), is entitled to the free COVID-19 vaccination in the Republic of Slovenia. Also, all above are included in the medical insurance system in the Republic of Slovenia, you hold the medical insurance card (the picture below) and are entitled to all medical services and treatments as equally as all other citizens of the Republic of Slovenia. 

The children up to 16 years will not be vaccinated at least by the end of 2021, since the vaccine manufacturers have not carried out the clinical research with children.  


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Picture 1Medical insurance card 

  1. The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has confirmed the plan of the vaccination that has already started. It takes place in the following order: 

Group I.: employees and occupants of nursing homes, medical employees, and co-workers; app. 40.000 + 30.000 people. 

Group II.: elderly (60+ years) who would be vaccinated gradually according to the availability of the vaccination; first those older than 80 (if there is enough of the vaccines, together with medical workers), then those older than 75…and then older than 60; app. 550.000 people. 

Group III.: chronic patients and younger up to 60 years (cancer patients, diabetes patients, obese patients, patients with chronic respiratory diseases, heart/kidney/liver diseases, neurological diseases – also with brain and vascular diseases – immunocompromised patients); app. 400.000 people. 

Group IV.: other emergency services, for example, employees in educational establishments (50.000), police (9.000 people), civil protection (50.000 people), army (9.000 people), employees of agricultural and food sectors, traffic sector…  

Group V.: other inhabitants of Slovenia. 

  1. Vaccines that are or will be available in Slovenia: (*Slovenia has app. 2 million inhabitants) 

Ordered, already accepted vaccinations for Slovenia 

Pfizer / Biontech 1.798.290  
Moderna  470.000  
Total number of doses 2.268.290 
Total number of vaccinations  1.134.145 

Ordered vaccines that are waiting to be accepted by the European Medicines Agency (number of doses): 

AstraZeneca 1.397.336 
CureVac 1.039.880 
Janssen 940.000 

Every vaccination is marked and in case of any side effects a special group examines every unwanted effect.  

How to get vaccinated if you believe you belong to one of the risky groups? 

Doctors keep a record of patients that belong to a certain group that is being vaccinated now; you can call or visit your doctor who will enable the vaccination in a specific time when he/she receives the vaccine. Doctors will also call their patients.  

What if I have already recovered from COVID-19? 

A person who has already recovered from COVID-19 will not be vaccinated in the following 6 months. 

  1. How to apply for vaccination if you do not belong to groups I. – IV.: 

The procedure is very simple. You apply online on eUprava on the following link: 


To apply you need to enter: name and surname, EMŠO number, e-mail address and a phone number. When it is your turn, you will receive a message from the Republic of Slovenia. Please, take into consideration that people who receive the first dose of the vaccination will need to get the second one in 21 – 28 days (2 doses). 

In case you need help with the application, please, write to us at [email protected] and forward all the required information, and we will help you or fill out the application instead of you. 

For all additional questions regarding the vaccination, access to medical services, treatments, or surgeries in the Republic of Slovenia, we are always at your disposal.  

Kind regards, 

SIBIZ d.o.o.