Taxpayers to whom the Revolut online bank has opened a new account in Lithuania must report this to the Financial Administration, and they must report the closing date for the old account closed to them. The Revolut decided to move bank accounts from UK because of Brexit.

According to the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (Furs), the online bank Revolut, which, at the end of September, was used by 18.517 users in Slovenia, is expected to inform users about the closure and opening of a new account.

Taxpayers can register a new account and deregister an old account at the same time. Furs does not obtain data on foreign accounts from official registers and records; therefore, users must report change by themselves within eight days after opening the account or after changing account information.

The report about change can be done via portal eDavki.

The application must be accompanied by a document showing the details of the account opened abroad (bank card, contract about opening a bank account, screenshot of the IBAN account) so that the financial office can verify the correctness or accuracy of the data.

When entering the account number, the representatives of Furs emphasize that it is very important not to enter the bank card number, but the account number.