Dear clients, 

Ljubljana, 19th of June 2020 

Please receive update on current situation in Slovenia and EU in regard to government measures and restrictions on border crossings. 

Due to worsening of situation with COVID-19 in some of the countries in South-East Europe (Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia) and in some countries around the world Slovenia has adopted updates on measures and rules to enter Slovenia and mandatory 14-day quarantine for persons arriving from countries with a worsening epidemiological situation. 

The Government has adopted the Decision amending the Ordinance on imposing and implementing measures for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 at border crossings at the external border and at control points at the internal borders of the Republic of Slovenia, which have enter into force on 19 June 2020 at midnight and provides for fewer exceptions to the quarantine rule for persons entering Slovenia. Also two kinds of exceptions were removed from the list of exceptions referred to in Article 10 of the Ordinance and that a new rule was introduced with regard to all other exceptions, namely that only persons who submit a certificate less than three days old showing that they have tested negative for COVID-19 and that the test was performed in an EU Member State or a Schengen Area member state will exceptionally be allowed to enter Slovenia without restrictions and without quarantine. 

This is list of countries from which if you are traveling to Slovenia 14-day quarantine will be mandatory: 

1. Qatar 
2. Bahrain 
3. Chile 
4. Kuwait 
5. Peru 
6. Armenia 
7. Djibouti 
8. Oman 
9. Brazil 
10. Panama 
11. Belarus 
12. Andorra 
13. Singapore 
14. Sweden 
15. Maldives 
16. Sao Tome and Principe 
17. United Arab Emirates 
18. United States of America 
19. Saudi Arabia 
20. Russia 
21. Moldova 
22. Gibraltar 
23. Bolivia 
24. Puerto Rico 
25. Gabon 
26. Cayman Islands 
27. Dominican Republic 
28. Republic of South Africa 
29. Iran 
30. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 
31. Northern Macedonia 
32. Bosnia and Herzegovina 
33. Serbia 
34. Kosovo 

Please also find list of countries from which you can travel to Slovenia without 14-day mandatory quarantine. The following countries are to be included in the list of epidemiologically safe countries or administrative units of countries as of 19 June 2020: Denmark, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, and Spain: 

List of epidemiologically safe countries: 

1. Austria 
2. Cyprus 
3. Czech Republic 
4. Montenegro 
5. Denmark 
6. Estonia 
7. Finland 
8. France 
9. Greece 
10. Croatia 
11. Ireland 
12. Iceland 
13. Italy 
14. Latvia 
15. Liechtenstein 
16. Lithuania 
17. Luxembourg 
18. Hungary 
19. Malta 
20. Germany 
21. Norway 
22. Slovakia 
23. Spain 
24. Switzerland 

Daily updated list can be found here: 

European Union has also opened a website with intention to provide interactive tool with the information that you need to confidently plan your European travel and holidays, while staying healthy and safe. The information is frequently updated and available in 24 languages for your convenience. Website in English language is available here: 

Slovenian Ministry of Interior also provides information on questions related to border crossing: 

They have set up a special email address to provide advice to people who have questions concerning the new measures being implemented to contain COVID-19 and associated movement restrictions. You can send your questions (or concerns) relating to policing to: [email protected]  

They will be checking for email on workdays from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.00 (and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 8.00 to 12.00). Every effort will be made to provide answers and any other useful information or advice in the shortest possible time. 

All of our clients of course can always contact us directly via e-mail: [email protected] 

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