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Ljubljana, 15.05.2020

Please receive update on current situation in Slovenia in regards to government measures and restrictions  lifting up and re-establishing flights and border opening.

As you might know, Slovenia was one of the most successful countries in the world in managing COVID-19 situation due to very good response of the government and very disciplined response and behaviour of people living in Slovenia. According to that Slovenian the Slovenian government late on Thursday called an official end to its coronavirus epidemic, becoming the first European country to do so, after authorities confirmed less than seven new coronavirus cases each day for the past two weeks.  In last 14 days we saw minimal new cases, please find graph with identified new positive cases as per 12.5.2020:

Again Slovenia has justified it’s reputation as one of the most safest countries in the world, not just in terms of crime but also in times of crisis.

Airports and borders

As per official information, form 12th of May onwards all air traffic and airports in Slovenia are opened again. All airlines will re-establish flights to Ljubljana by the end of June at the latest, except for British Airways flying to Ljubljana to London. We suggests that you follow information on specific airline on website of Ljubljana airport here: and individual websites of air carriers. Some carriers already offer option to buy tickets to Ljubljana.

Also some additional lines that were scheduled to start operating this spring will be added like Kiev, Madrid and Tel Aviv.

When entering Slovenia from abroad as per today, 14th of May 2020 regime is as follows:

Under the new rules, those with permanent or temporary residence in the EU will be given instructions issued by the National Institute of Public Health upon entering Slovenia but will not need to quarantine, which they have to do for seven days at present.

For third country nationals without temporary or permanent residence in Slovenia or other EU countries following rules apply:

When such a person declares they have coronavirus or symptoms thereof, or clearly show symptoms, they will be rejected at the border if they do not have permanent residence in Slovenia; those who do will be referred to medical services.

Third-country nationals must undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine, with exceptions for diplomats, members of rescue and relief services, attendance of funeral, lorry drivers and persons with certificates issued by the competent Slovenian ministry showing they will provide urgent services.

Notably, if it is believed a person entering the country may not be able to leave because of the measures of neighbouring countries, they will be denied entry.

More information on border crossings, etc is available in English language here:

Shops, Schools, Healthcare, Reasturants, etc.

Hotels and athore accomodotaions will be also re-opened on 18th of May if they have up to 30 individual guest rooms

Schools and kindergartens will be re-opened from 18th of may onwards under special measures for kids in kindergartens and kids in primary school from 1st -3rd grade and kids in 9th grade and 4th grade in high schools. All other kids are still schooled by teachers remotely via on-line classes. 

All bars and restaurants are already opened but are only serving outside if they have terrace, garden or similar space and from 18th of May onwards they will be able to serve also inside while observing measures of social distancing and disinfection.

All shops, repair shops etc, are already opened whit exception of big shopping malls.

Outdoor sports are also allowed with exception of public pools etc. The government also decided to release most sports activities from 23rd of May. Taking into account the health recommendations, training as well as recreational exercise indoors will be allowed, which does not yet include fitness centres and similar facilities. After this date, training and competitions in team sports will also be possible.

Public transportation was reopened also and taxi service was operating the whole time already.

More information is available here in English language:

If you require specific information or you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

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