Dear Clients and Partners,

First, we would like to extend most sincere wishes that you and your loved ones will stay safe and healthy in this challenging situation.

We would like to inform you about the current situation in Slovenia. Since the new government was appointed on Friday, 13th of March, measures, preparation and coordination is now well underway although some precious time was lost before that. 

Slovenia adopted same level of measures as Switzerland and Austria, since we are all neighbours of Italy where situation is most problematic.  Most of businesses and non-food shops are closed, as are schools, universities, public institutions, museums and theatres. Courts only handle some very limited range of cases; all others are on hold as are deadlines. Streets are empty and people respect government recommendation and they stay at home. Only food shops, petrol stations, banks, pharmacies and post offices are opened. Some restrictions apply.  All other business is closed due to government order or companies sent employees to work from home where that is possible.

There are special measures on border with Italy. Also, all public transport is suspended, airports and seaports are closed for passengers, but cargo transport is still being allowed.

Government and local government offices are closed as are our embassies abroad. Only most urgent and critical services are being provided from government, all with purpose to focus on fighting SARS-CoV-2 virus and to prevent spread of virus even further.

At this moment there are no problems with food or overcapacity of medical system. We are small country and some things are done faster and more efficiently than could be done in countries with bigger population.

As we are writing this also EU as whole is planning to close borders to everyone except doctors, scientists, citizens of EU countries and foreigners having residency in EU.  Every day more and more foreign and EU airlines are suspending flights and EU is adopting more measures on the level of union that will be executed in the next days and weeks.

Also, in SIBIZ we have adopted all measures enforced and recommended by government in order to ensure maximum protection for our team and our families and to be able to continue to provide all services to our clients taking into account current situation.

Whole SIBIZ team is working now remotely from home and in a way to uninterruptedly provide our clients with services.


In order to be as responsive as possible please find some guidelines and information from our side regarding communication and contacting us.

  • In order to ensure our response in fastest possible time, please do not send e-mails to individual employees but send it to: [email protected]
  • If you need to discuss anything with us, we will organize video conference call through our specialized platform where we can very easily (just via web link you will receive from us), establish 2 or more connections.  You can request to be called via e-mail: [email protected]
  • Our offices on Dunajska cesta 119, Ljubljana are primarily closed, and we are not working there but as mentioned from our individual homes. For any pick up or delivery of items like documents, post, etc. please contact us via e-mail: [email protected] and we will agree on how to organize it
  • DHL and regular post services are operational and are being used.

Services for our clients

Government is adopting new legislation and legislative measures daily; these affect delivery of services and at the same time ensure as effective fight as possible against SARS-CoV-2 virus. Things change very fast in this respect as new information is being distributed from different government sources.

Please find short summary of current status:

Administrative procedures:  As we speak government is working and we are expecting to get temporary legislation regarding all administrative procedures under Administrative law (issue of new residence and work permits, first residence and work permits, all other administrative procedures, etc.) being conducted by Administrative units our Embassies to take into account current situation expecting that legal deadlines will be prolonged or suspended for the time of the duration of situation and procedures will be conducted in a way and in time that people will not be affected due to the fact that they can not travel due to closed borders, airports, public transport, etc. for example to provide documents via post or other means.  

Today we only have initial information but as soon as we will receive more information or new rules and legislation will be adopted, we will notify you.

We keep very detailed record of all our clients’ procedures and deadlines and we will inform you individually and on time taking into account your individual situation, location, date and other factors like situation in your country of residence, worldwide travel restrictions, etc.  

You can always also contact us via [email protected]

Tax Office, taxes, accounting:  

All services are being provided as normal and on time by SIBIZ. Also, tax office as other government institutions are working under special regime – some procedures are limited or suspended at the time. Our accounting services are being provided in full range. 

All yearly reports and balance sheets will be filled as per deadlines set by government.


Most of the banks work under special regime and most of banks are working primarily on-line and remotely. Key account managers are working from home also via video conferencing, phone and e-mail. Visit to the banks can only be organized by prior appointment.


As already mentioned currently Post and courier services like DHL are working normally.

Notary Public:

Only urgent appointments with prior approval are being processed by public notary offices.

Some useful links:

Slovenia’s important information about COVID-19 (English)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (English)

Ministry of Health (English)

Our team wishes you all the best, stay safe and hope to see you again in person as soon as possible.

Also, we want to point out that we are here and will do utmost to provide you with best possible service even under these conditions.

SIBIZ team