The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology published an open tender in the official newspaper of the Republic of Slovenia to promote the introduction of environmental signs in the field of tourism. The height of the tender is 105.000 euros.

The purpose of the tender is to encourage legal entities and individuals, companies and other subjects of public and private law, working in the field of tourism, to introduce environmental management and environmental standards in tourist accommodation facilities. The goal is also to encourage the acquisition of an internationally recognized environmental mark.

The subject of the tender is co-financing the costs of acquiring internationally recognized environmental marks for accommodating tourists and co-financing costs associated with promoting the competitive advantage of a travel provider acquired by the sign. These are the Ecolabel, Bio Hotels, Green Globe, Green Key, Travelife, EMAS and Ecocamping ecolabels.

The amount of co-financing acceptable costs for the introduction of eco-labels for tourist accommodation can be a maximum of 7.000 euros for each placement and mark.

The deadline for applications is April the 15th for the first and June the10th for the second opening. Source: