In our small and cosy Slovenia there are 14 wine-growing regions with vineyards that produce wines of the highest quality. Each winegrower is proud of its wine and loves to offer it to his guests. The pride and joy of the top Slovenian wines are reflected in a series of festivals and events that take place in the wine-growing regions for almost the whole year. The most joyful is the feast of St. Martin in the autumn, when the grapes ripen, and the young wine turns into wine. Harvesting and “Martinovo” are traditional wine festivals that you should experience.

In the autumn, winemakers harvest grape crops with the help of many hardworking hands. Particularly fascinating are the events that have become traditional social events, such as the harvest of old grapevine in Maribor, the harvest in Ptuj, or the grape harvest in Lendava.

November the 11th is known as “Martinovanje”, one of the most important Slovenian holidays. On this day, the wine celebrations and many social events take place all over Slovenia. For the true experience of St. Martin’s Day, it is best to go there where the grapes grow. Visiting one of the numerous wine cellars or vineyards in Slovenia, you will get acquainted with the authentic history and customs of the holiday.