According to the Health and Safety at Work Act (ZVZD-1) and other regulations, in Slovenia, an employer must ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

The employer must first identify all types of hazard which may occur at work and prepare a risk assessment for each position in which they identify hazards and determine and implement measures to eliminate them. Measures differ not only in the risk assessment of the working environment, which is dependent on the type of activity, but also in the size of the company, with the exception of self-employed workers.

If you are self-employed and assess that there are no risks in your working environment, you do not have to undergo either training in health and safety at work, fire safety, or medical examination. However, you must sign a statement that no risks exist in your working environment, which you may draw up yourself in a simple form. You should keep this statement and show it during any visit by a labour inspector.

Safety statement

Once the health and safety risk assessment has been carried out, the employer must produce and adopt a written safety statement and risk assessment document, which, depending on the type and size of the activity.

In the safety statement and risk assessment document, agree the special medical requirements workers must meet to perform a certain type of work, a work process or to work in an individual manner based on an expert assessment of an occupational medicine practitioner.

Self-employed persons must also have a risk assessment. If the self-employed person establishes that there are risks of accident, occupational or work-related diseases, they must produce a written safety statement and risk assessment document and define measures to ensure health and safety at work.

Training for safe and healthy work

The employer must ensure that all workers receive training for safe working practice. Each worker must receive training for safe work in the event of:

  • concluding an employment relationship
  • being transferred to another job
  • the introduction of a new technology and new means of work
  • any modification of the work process which may affect the level of safety at work.

Preventive medical examination

Preventive medical examinations of workers establish workers’ health and the ability to perform a certain type of work in a particular working environment.

Preventive medical examinations are carried out by authorised occupational medical practitioners.

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Source: Slovenia business point