Ljubljana, 15 February (STA) – The average gross monthly salary in Slovenia increased to 1,626.95 euro last year, up 2.7% in nominal and 1.3% higher in real terms over 2016, the Statistics Office said on Thursday.

The average net monthly salary rose to 1,062 euro, which is by 3.1 more than in 2016 in nominal terms and by 1.7% in real terms.

The average monthly salary increased in both the private and public sectors.

In the public sector the average gross salary reached 1,889.54 euro and in the private sector 1,497.96 euro, which is in both cases a 2.9% rise over 2016.

The average net gross salary reached 1,222.30 euro in the public sector and 983.26 euro in the private sector. This was by 3.1% and 3.4% more than in 2016, respectively.

The average monthly salary rose in all statistical regions, with workers from the central Slovenian region receiving the highest net salary of 1,152.68 euro, or 8.5% above the Slovenian average.

The lowest net salary was received by workers in the Zasavje region, that of 954.62 euro, which is 10.1% below the country’s average.

In terms of individual industries, the average net monthly salary was the highest in the supply of electricity, gas and steam, reaching 1,541.52 euro.

This was also the sector which recorded the highest rise in the average net monthly salary, that of 5.4%.

Source: https://www.investslovenia.org/

Photo: www.roberthalf.com