If you are a tax resident of the Republic of Slovenia (natural person, not a legal entity) and you are leasing out property, you are required to submit an income tax declaration form for income from property leasing by 28 February 2018 at the latest.

The income tax declaration form must be submitted by the resident taxpayer by 28 February of the current year for the previous year at the Financial Administration (FURS), if income from property leasing is paid by a person who is not a tax payer under Article 58 of the Tax Procedure Act – ZDavP-2. The form can also be submitted via the web portal eDavki. From 19th of January 2018 onwards, natural persons can access the portal using a username and password. Learn how to use the electronic tax business eDavki at http://edavki.durs.si/OpenPortal/Pages/StartPage/StartPage.aspx.

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Photo: dontmesswithtaxes.com