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In December 2017 the Rule Book on establishing a Register of actual business owners (RDL), which requires mandatory reporting on the owners of companies, was adopted.

The Register of actual owners is a database in which data on the actual owners are collected in order to ensure the transparency of ownership structures of the business entities and to prevent abuse of business entities for money laundering and terrorist financing.

All legal entities that are registered in the Business Register of Slovenia (companies, associations, institutions, …) must register their actual owners into the Register of actual owners (RDL). The exception are single-person limited liability companies, where the shareholder is a natural person and at the same time its sole representative, and companies whose shares are listed on the stock market. An actual owner is any natural person who is the ultimate owner of a business entity with a business share greater than 25% or a natural person that controls a business entity or controls it in any other way.

The following data is registered into the Register of actual owners:

  • the legal entity (company, address, registration number and tax number, registration and dissolution date),
  • the actual owner (personal name, address of permanent and temporary residence, date of birth, tax number, citizenship, ownership share or other means of control, date of registration and dissolution of the actual owner from the Register of actual owners).

The entry of the information regarding the actual owners can be carried out by a representative of a business entity if he is registered on the AJPES web portal and has a qualified electronic signature certificate. The data can be entered also by an authorized person or an accounting service. The deadline for the registration is 19th of January 2018, the application for registration is available on the AJPES website since 11th of December 2017.

Fines for non-reporting are very high. A fine from EUR 6,000 to EUR 60,000 shall be imposed on a legal entity if it does not enter the information about its actual owner and their changes in the register. A fine from EUR 400 to EUR 2,000 shall also be imposed on the responsible person of a legal person.

We can help you prepare the information about actual owners and enter them in the Register of actual owners on the AJPES website. If you would need our assistance on this matter, please let us know by replying to this e-mail no later than 9th of January so we can prepare the authorization letters and submit them in time.  The price of our service is 25 EUR + VAT.

For any additional information and explanation we are available at [email protected] or +386 1 200 92 00.

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