In the year 2016 SIBIZ d.o.o. will continue to offer analysis and data preparation services for international business. Would you like to know which country is the biggest importer of goods that you produce and which markets experience an import growth of these goods? Are you interested in understanding customs duties and other limitations regarding your goods in a specific country? Are you in search for support in researching a foreign market or in preparing an export plan? Our advisers will be happy to support your business with legal, taxation and investment advice.

We can prepare and provide the following information:

  • Data on worldwide international trade and trade flows for 220 countries and 5300 goods (HS codes).
  • Information on customs duties for 191 countries, tariff suspensions, quotas, origins and trade flows, tariffs for WTO states, non-tariff measures.
  • Statistics on foreign directs investments for approximately 200 countries and a more thorough analysis divided by sectors for approximately 115 countries. Information on direct foreign investments for 150 sectors.
  • Market analysis for approximately 240 countries. A general overview of key export sectors for individual countries, an overview of export/import success rate and a comparative analysis of different countries data.
  • Analysis and comparative analysis on the usage of 120 »voluntary« standards in more than 200 countries as well goods and services certification in more than 80 economic sectors

For more information, contact us: [email protected]