Author: Anja Zaletel


Slovenia’s external trade surplus at 1.7% in 2014

In 2014, Slovenia exported goods worth EUR 23.04bn, and imported goods worth EUR 22.65bn, as data released by the Statistics Office shows. The export/import ratio was 101.7%, and the trade surplus amounted to EUR 393.9m. The external trade surplus was recorded in all months except in February, May, August and November.

Compared to 2013, exports last year were up by 6.9%, imports by 2.4%.

In December exports rose by 12.6%

In December 2014 alone Slovenia exported EUR 1.83bn worth of goods and imported EUR 1.76bn. The export-import ratio was at 103.6%, and the trade surplus amounted to EUR 63m.

Compared to other months in 2014, in absolute terms December’s exports are ninth, while imports are eleventh. In the annual comparison, the exports in December increased by 12.6%, while imports grew by 2.2%.

Largest increase in exports to Croatia and Germany

Exports increased mainly due to the continued growth of exports to EU Member States, while the decrease in exports to EU non-member countries slowed down. As regards the main trading partners, exports to Croatia, Germany, Italy and Austria increased the most, while exports to France went up in the second half of the year. The largest increase was recorded in exports of goods from the product group motor cars, which are also the largest contributor to overall export growth over the previous year. The second largest share of total exports in 2014 was contributed by products from the group of medicaments.

The growth of imports was to the largest extent a result of the growth of imports of products from the groups of motor cars, parts and accessories of motor vehicles and telecommunications equipment. In terms of value, imports of goods from the group of oils obtained from bituminous minerals, other than crude, which contributed the largest share of total imports in 2014, declined, while in terms of volume, they remained at a similar level as in 2013. As regards the trading partner countries, the largest increase was recorded in imports from Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Austria, the Republic of Korea and China.

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