Author: Melissa McDonald

A Russian version of Astound Commerce‘s projections for the hottest e-Commerce world trends of 2015 was recently published for Russian e-Commerce players and online businesses.

While many trends may not come as a big shock, they should still serve as a good reminder for your digital advertising plans. In order for our reader to benefit from the e-Commerce expectations, this list expands on the worldwide trends to focus on the Russian market and helpful tools and support from Yandex.

1.Mobile sites:

People now expect to see a mobile version of your site and not just a different layout. Users want full access to services and features to make purchases and payments.  As Russian Search Marketing pointed out, this trend is gaining traction in Russia. 39% of smartphone users are making online purchases from their mobile devices.

2.Utilization of Aggregators and Product Listing Sites:

It is becoming increasingly popular and proving effective to utilize multi-channel marketing and sales through aggregators and price comparison shopping sites like Amazon and Yandex.Market. Yandex.Market offers a number of shopping categories including the recently launched page for Children’s Goods.

3.Application Advertising:

Advertising on mobile applications is becoming increasingly popular, requiring more utilization of Geo-location advertising. Russia currently ranks in the world’s top 10 list for mobile application downloads.

4.High focus on Analytics:

Contemporary advertising is no longer creativity but mathematics. Turning your attention to your site analytics will offer more benefits and tell you more about the effectiveness of your site and advertisement.

5.Even better Delivery:

Customers now have a higher expectation for safe and quick delivery. The ability to track their purchase during shipment offers a greater sense of comfort and trust. This trend has become particularly relevant to the Russian e-Commerce world as Russian Post has made considerable commitment and progress toward improving package shipments.

6.Mobile Payment Systems:

Mobile payments systems should be implemented for easy-to-use access and security. QiWi, WebMoney, and Yandex.Money are currently the top three payment systems in Russia that offer users ease and security when making online purchases.

7.Test Driving:

Users want the ability to try or test out products. This is already implemented for clothing and accessories and there are successful examples of test driving automobiles. By Russian law, there is a two week time period when customers can test out purchases and return them if necessary.