250px-Primoz-TrubarOn October 31 Slovenia is celebrating Reformation Day, a public holiday dedicated to remembering the 16th century Reformation and Protestant movement. The movement in Slovenia was personified by Primož Trubar (1508-1586), a Protestant priest who wanted to write books in a language which could easily be understood by all Slovenians. His «Abecedarium» spelling-book and «Catechism», published in 1550, gave Slovenians the first books in their own language. Despite Slovenia being a predominantly Roman Catholic country, the reformation is celebrated as the protestant movement is seen as a key event in the cultural history of Slovenia, particularly in the areas of political reform and literature.


Noc carovnic_aThe night between Friday and Saturday is celebrated as Halloween.






84dfUntitled-4.1319733574According to ancient pagan beliefs in the time before the winter solstice the wandering souls of the dead need prayers of the living to enter heaven. In the Christian world the day commemorates all the Christian martyrs and saints. In our time, all these traditions mixed and merged into a secular version of the holiday, so in Slovenia on November 1 we celebrate the Remembrance Day. It is a day of honouring and remembering the dead. In Slovenia the tradition is to visit the graves of the deceased relatives and friends, to bring flowers and light candles. Throughout the country commemorative events are held in honour of those killed in the war for independence and the Second World War.