Author: Slovenian Press Agency

Organic farming is on the rise in Slovenia, as the number of organic farms increased by 14% last year compared to 2012. Over 38,600 hectares of agricultural land were cultivated to grow organic products in 2013, which makes for almost 10% of all arable land, statistics show.

Some 3,050 farms were included in the organic farming monitoring system in 2013, which have produced a combined 79,000 tonnes of organic crops.

The number of aquatic organisms grown in accordance with organic farming standards surged significantly, from 1,150 organic fish in 2012 to 18,850 and 90,000 seashells in 2013.

Similarly, egg farming also sky-rocketed – the production of organic eggs tripled to a total of 12 million in 2013.

The share of other animals in organic farming also increased in 2013, with pig rearing rising the most (13%).

Sheep breeding was actually the only one to record a drop in organic farming, that of 3% compared to 2012.

However, due to a lack of organic slaughterhouses a great share of organic meat in Slovenia is still labelled under the same conditions as the meat from conventional farming.

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