Pohorje is a mountain range in the north-eastern part of Slovenia. The impervious ground often leads to water stagnation, resulting in typical peat bogs with small lakes and bog forests, surrounded in places by peat spruce forests. The dense forests give Pohorje its typical image. They are home to birds like capercaille and black grouse.

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Lovrenc Lakes or Lovrenc moor is an area with eleven to twenty-two lakes, depending on the extent and stability of still water. The highest lake lies at 1529m above sea level and the lowest at 1517m. This typical swamp on the Pohorje mountain crest originates 6000 years back to the past. The swamp is the biggest in Slovenia. These moors may be found at various locations in the Alps at similar altitudes, but our marshes on Pohorje are, together with those on Pokljuka and Jelovica, the most southern marshes of their kind in Europe.

The lakes cover 16 ha between Planinka (1392m asl.) and Mulej’s Peak (1533m asl.) in the upper area of the Radoljna, Mislinja and Velka Streams. The lakes are hollows, up to 1.2m deep, and cover a few square meters. After abandoning the pasture, they are overgrowing with dwarf pine, which transitions into a spruce forest on both sides of the moor, where the terrain is steeper and water flows more easily.

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The Lovrenc Lakes are a natural tourist attraction of Pohorje. A non-challenging path is prepared and marked from the hotel on Rogla. Trail is very well marked with signs. A wooden observation tower is constructed next to the highest lake. You can walk over the peat moor’s velvet soft grass and mosses, and can visit the peat lakes, the habitats of rare plants; from here you will have outstanding views of the area.

Access to Lovrenc Lakes by car: on Styria Motorway take exit Slovenske Konjice. After the town Slovenske konjice follow the signs Zreče and Rogla. Reaching the ski resort Rogla you will have no difficulty to find a parking space. Trail begins at the upper station of quad chairlift Planja.

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Start: Rogla (1.474 m asl.)

Destination: Lovrenc Lakes (1.520 m asl.)

Time of walk: 1 h 15 min

Grade of difficulty: easy

Signs: well-marked

Weather: temperatures lower than in the valley, possible winds

Refreshments: at the starting point there is a wooden cottage offering drinks and food