Ljubljana, 28 February (STA) – Telekom Slovenije Group generated EUR 793.1m in business revenues in 2012, which is 3.8% less than the year before. Operating profit was down by EUR 1m and reached EUR 62.3m, while the group’s net profit was up by 28% or EUR 9.5m to EUR 43.5m.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) stood at EUR 241.5m, accounting for 30.4% of business revenue, the unaudited report published on the web site of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange shows.

In the past year, Telekom Slovenije managed to lower its net financial debt by 15% or EUR 58.3m despite the not very encouraging trends in the branch. At the end of last year, the debt amounted to EUR 330.3m.

The group allocated 39% more funds for investment in fixed assets in 2012. On the group level, EUR 128.1m were earmarked for investment, while the core company alone invested EUR 78.7m. The investments therefore accounted for 16% of all business revenue.

The plan for this year is for investments to top EUR 130m, while EBITDA is to reach EUR 245m and net profit EUR 50m.

The group has been continuing with cost cutting and optimisation throughout the year. In the last two years, this brought in an estimated EUR 35m in savings.

A more detailed report will be presented by the management led by Rudolf Skobe at today’s press conference.