Ljubljana, January (STA) – A total of 55,060 of new cars and vans were registered in Slovenia in 2012, which is a 15.16% drop on the year before, data provided by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (TZS) shows. Adding significance to the decrease is the fact that sales in 2011 had picked up by 0.5% over 2010.

The drop was especially pronounced in December, when the 3,042 newly registered cars and vans meant a 19.8% fall year-on-year. For cars alone the drop in 2012 was 16.72% to 48,648 vehicles sold.

Renault preserved the top share on the car market, although it fell from 15.8% to 15.25%. Following the French manufacturer, which also has a plant in Novo mesto, were Volgswagen with 13.88%, up from 13.67%, and Peugeot with 7.79%, up from 7.11%.

Revoz car assembly plant in Novo mesto.(by STA).

Opel managed 7.32%, Citroen 6.82%, Škoda 6.35%, Kia 5.6%, Ford 5.28%, Hyundai 4.67% and Chevrolet 3.35%. Kia recorded the biggest increase with 1.66 percentage points, while Opel lost the most, 1.42 points.

Renault’s Clio remained the most popular model, claiming a 5.96% market share, and was followed by the Renault Megane, the Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Golf and Škoda’s Octavia.