Ljubljana, 4 March (STA) – The business daily newspaper Finance published on Monday guidelines for coalition talks of PM-designate Ms. Alenka Bratušek. The main economic projects are focused on kick-starting Slovenia’s economy and include new infrastructure and energy investments, but the blueprint does not mention measures to tackle the banking crisis.

According to Finance, the guidelines avoid indicating in any way how Bratušek plans to solve the banking system and increase liquidity, which seem to be the biggest problems of the country’s economy at the moment, and also do not speak of privatisation of state-owned companies.

Along with investments in energy and infrastructure, especially railways, which is to be partly funded from the final stages of the current EU financial perspective, the PM-designate plans to consolidate public finances by restructuring the content of public spending.

Although the blueprint does not present any details, the daily notes that a temporary increase in VAT and a supplementary budget for this year are expected.

The new coalition plans to put more stress on wood industry, continue cutting red tape, encourage internationalisation of business and create a favourable environment for small and medium-sized businesses.

Bratušek’s employment policy will be aimed at giving as many people as possible some kind of paid employment, increase oversight over undeclared work and ensure that young people finishing their studies get in four months a quality job offer or further education or training.

Subsidies are also envisaged for energy-efficient renovation of residential and public buildings, renewable energy sources, modernisation of public transportation and green tourism.

As one of the basic principles, the guidelines stress the non-interference in the media and announce a withdrawal of the state from direct or indirect ownership of the media.

Moreover, the negotiating guidelines stress the fight against growing corruption and promise better conditions for the work of criminal police, state prosecution and courts, and announce changes to the law regulating the seizure of illegally-obtained property.