World Engineering Forum 2012 will take place in capital city of Ljubljana, Slovenia from September 17th to 21st under the title »Sustainable Construction for People«.

World Engineering Forum 2012 in organization of Slovenian Chamber of Engineers and World Federation of Engineering Organization (WFEO), in patronage of UNESCO, President of the Republic of Slovenia dr. Danilo Türk and the City of Ljubljana, and with the support of  Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI), taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia from September 17th to 21st, is titled »Sustainable Construction for People«.

Forum will join experts from all over the world to present and exchange their knowledge and significant opinions about a major challenge of the 21st century, the sustainable design and construction of buildings and infrastructure.

Concern over sustainable construction is of economic, as well as of socio-cultural and ecological importance. The latter is increasing rapidly with faster and faster climatic changes and intensive use of un-renewable primary energy sources. For this reason a conference of United Nations on sustainable development took place in June in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Topics, discussed at the conference on a high governmental level, will be discussed also at the Forum in Ljubljana, this time on more applicative basis. Namely, we realise very well that the engineers are those who can help find suitable solutions for temporary, as well as the upcoming challenges, which humanity is facing. In the range of the head theme Sustainable Construction for people significant speakers from 30 different countries will discuss about cities and urban environment, sustainable infrastructure, green buildings and disaster/risk management. Please find the broad expert program, its lecturers and titles of their lectures here.

The forum will take place in Slovenia, but its lectures will be seen and heard live and on-demand all over the world. For the first time in history, on 18th and 19th of September, WEF will also become an Interactive World Engineering Forum (i-WEF). A significant aim of the i-WEF is a broadcast of lectures, speeches, interviews, as well as sponsors’, virtual exhibitors’ and successful case studies contributors’ presentations via Interactive Social Television.

This highly innovative, sustainable and user friendly multimedia platform is going to enable everyone from all over the world to be a virtual part of it. With i-WEF we will overcome all communication obstacles, create new connections and acquaintances, and effectively transmit knowledge and experiences, which will reach thousands of people at once. Online participants will have the access to live video streamed lectures, the possibility to download online documents, and also a chance to co-create the contents via integrated social media tool such as Twitter. All broadcasted contents will be available to watch on almost every screen known (computers, tablets, smartphones …), which will bring great benefits from professional as well as from business point of view.

Even though i-WEF will come to life in the beginning of September 2012, you can access to information today at i-WEF platform. The i-WEF contents will not only be broadcasted live but will also be available on-demand even after the event. Namely, the contents will be recorded and stored in a virtual library, where they will be disposable for the entire engineering public to watch till the end of the year 2012.

At i-WEF project Slovenian Chamber of Engineers co-operates with company IB-PROCADD d.o.o., which is responsible for setting up, as well as for operation and flawless performing of the i-WEF. Please contact us for a broader explanation and more information of i-WEF, interactive social television platform, as well as on numerous business cooperation opportunities.

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