In the last year company from Slovenia made a big expansion step – they increased the farm, and in this year they have launched the first fish Croatian franchise partner.

Demand for bass (type of fish) in the only Slovenian sea farm is much higher than supply. Boutique farm to produce 50 to 60 tons of fish per year, expanding its range in two ways: by increasing the farm last year, this year, with the first franchise in Croatia. Franchise partner in Croatia itself will sell sea bass and sea bream, for marketing their fish in Slovenia, Italy and Austria will be responsible by itself.

Director dr. Irena Fonda gives great importance to the local supply, an d she is pleased that more than 70 percent of sales generated at home. Tthe first eight months of this year they operated slightly better on the plans, as sales increased by a fifth. “As usual, we expect a very strong sales in December, before we will give even more attention to the end-users,” says  dr. Fonda.

An additional source of income are also visits by tourists. Next year they forecast projects aimed at the promotion and education and tourism such as farm tours and tasting seafood that financial support of Coast Action Group and the Ministry of Agriculture and the environment of Slovenia.