According to the the Statistics Office the registered unemployment rate in Republic of Slovenia hit 11.6% in May, down 0.2 percentage points over April in what was the 4 consecutive month of decline,

The drop in the unemployment rate was due to a decrease in the number of people registered as unemployed, while the number of people in paid employment remained virtually unchanged, at 816,939 compared to 816,919 in April, and dropped 1.5% year-on-year.

The trend of a slight decline in unemployment in the first half of the year was detected also in previous years, the Statistics Office added.

The male unemployment rate dropped 0.3 percentage points to 11% and the female unemployment rate inched 0.2 points lower to 12.2%. The highest unemployment rate was recorded in the eastern Pomursko region (17%) and the lowest in the northwestern Gorenjsko region (8.5%). (Source:STA)