In respect of recent buying of Slovenian branch of Volksbank by  Russia’s top lender Sberbank it’s interesting to see that almost half of Slovenians (49%) would like to see Slovenian banks NLB and NKBM recapitalised by foreign investors, opposed to 23% who believe taxpayer money should be used, a survey run by the daily Delo on Monday shows.

However, only 16% of the respondents said that the banks should be sold, while 12% did not provide an answer to the question.

This reflects the respondents’ views on national interest in business, as a growing number of Slovenians (55%) believe that it should be upheld only in certain cases, according to the poll.
Around a third (35%) of respondents said that national interest should always be considered in decision-making in business, while 5% said that it should play no role in business.

Quizzed about the changes to the deputies act which limit the amount and duration of benefits for former MPs and ministers, as many as three quarters of the respondents backed them, while 23% were against.

On the other hand, 60% of the respondents were against changes to the public education as envisaged by the austerity law, mostly supporters of the opposition Positive Slovenia (PS) – 76% – and Social Democrats (SD) – 72%.

On the other hand, 33% of the respondents support the changes, with the strongest support among voters of the ruling Democrats (SDS) – 68%, the poll conducted by Delo’s in-house pollster Delo Stik on 20 and 21 June among 496 adults shows.
The announced mergers of schools meanwhile divide the public, as the plan is backed and opposed by 47% each.

The respondents were equally divided about introducing mandatory school celebrations of Slovenia’s 25 June National Day, as 47% were for mandatory celebrations and 49% were against.