AQUAVALLIS stands for the programme of the most contemporary filtration systems. With nanotechnology they prove almost 100 % pure water without viruses, bacteria, heavy metal and other harmful substances in drinking water.

The difference between the water purified through Aqua Vallis water filter and the water purified with similar products can be in 1,000 viruses per litre. Nanofibres work as a magnet for harmful, negatively electrified particles. Water is confirmed to be purified, it has fresh, clean taste- without aftertaste of chlorine and other substances.

European standards require 99. 99 % pure water, which means, that 1 litre may still contains 100 pathogenic cells. 74 % of Slovene residents live in the area, where in 2006 at least once microbiologically or chemically impure water was proved. Drinking water is endangered with each intervention into water system. 99. 999999 % water purity ensures safety, since there is possibility for only 1 pathogenic cell in 10, 000 litres.

Based on the successful development program AquaVallis they were able to integrate the filter material  into sports bottle. Housing of sports’ bottle is made of of healthy polymer materials that have appropriate certificates as FDA. Sports bottle AquaVallis as such is intended to particularly active people, recreational and professional athletes, hikers, scouts, hikers and in places where there is no drinking water, soldiers, civil protection, and those who are ecologically aware and they care how look like a planet in the future.

The company started to sell the sports’ bottle in Croatia and Ukrain, ad want to sell further in Hungary, Africa and else.