The Capital Assets Management Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (AUKN) has announced a public invitation to tender for the purchase of 74.87% percent of shares in Slovenian national airline company Adria Airways.

As stated on page AUKN, Republic of Slovenia intention is to sell 13,261,885 registered shares or 74.87%  of the total shares of the company. Shares issued in uncertificated form shall be sold together. All interested parties must submit non-binding offers for the purchase until 10th of September 2012.

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Republic of Slovenia represented by Capital Assets Management Agency, Nova Ljubljanska Banka d. d., Ljubljana, Abanka Vipa, d.d., PDP Posebna družba za podjetniško svetovanje, d. d., Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank d. d. and UniCredit Banka Slovenija d. d. (the »Sellers«) invite all interested investors (the “Interested Parties” or the “Bidders”) for submission of non binding expressions of interest in the sale of the controlling /majority block of shares (the »Process«) issued by the company Adria Airways d. d., incorporated in the Republic of Slovenia and based at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, Slovenia.

Adria Airways d. d., member of Star Alliance, is a Slovenian regional airline with over 50 years experience in charter and scheduled traffic. The share capital of the Company amounts to EUR 17,712,227 and is divided into 17,712,226 registered ordinary non-par value voting shares. The Sellers hold 17.689.955 shares which represent 99,87% of all shares of the Company.

The intention of the Sellers is to sell up to 13.261.885 shares which represent 74,87% of all shares of the Company. Barons Financial Services SA (»the Advisor«) is the exclusive Advisor to the Sellers in the Process. With this Invitation the Advisor on behalf of the Sellers invites all the Interested Parties to submit their written expression of interest (the “Letter of Interest”), to receive further information, which will be subject to a Confidentiality Agreement.

Letter of Interest should be sent by September 10, 2012 to: Barons Financial Services SA, Case Postale 103, ICC-H, 20, Route de PreBois, CH 1215 Geneva, Switzerland, Email: [email protected]

The Sellers reserve the right to select and not to enter into any agreement with an Interested Party in the Process without liability for any damages. Furthermore the Sellers reserve the right to stop or amend the Process and, or the timetable, or other elements of the Process at any time and without any explanation. The Sellers may exclude any Interested Party from the Process on their discretion and without any explanation. In case of such exclusion the Advisor will send a written notice to the Interested Party on behalf of the Sellers. Interested Parties agree on these terms with their participation in the Process.