During the summer vacation many people enjoy sailing, harvesting energy from the renewable source like wind and not polluting the environment. Life on such a vessel needs electricity too. One Slovenian couple embarked on a two-year journey and are producing electricity with two BISOL PV modules.

The sailing boat Heron left Adriatic shores in Koper last June and Slovenian couple Mr and Mrs Pelkobegan their adventure. Before departing their homeland, like many boaters, they considered how to produce electricity without polluting the environment. After reviewing the characteristics of different brands of photovoltaic modules and studying references of renowned manufacturers, they opted for a leading European producer of solar solutions BISOL Group and purchased two of their premium quality PV modules with peak powers of 245 watt. Amongst the decisive factors for selection of the PV modules was high efficiency, light weight, strictly positive tolerances and suitable dimensions. As with all products quality and price played an essential role.

After more than a year of sailing the owners are very happy with the solar power plant’s yield. During this time they only needed to run the diesel engine a few times to produce electricitywhen crossing the Atlantic Ocean due to bad weather conditions and a larger crew. In the Caribbean the energy production satisfies all their needs. The owner notes: “I have seen power output of 500 watts many times. We reach over 490 every sunny day around noon. The solar power plant on average generates from 1500 to 1800 watt-hours per day. I am very pleased with this investment as annually it covers almost all of our needs”.

The Pelko couple explain than the judicious use of the green energy produced is sufficient for powering two refrigerators, producing fresh water through desalination and for operating the autopilot, radar and other nautical instruments on Heron. The generated electricity charges personal computers, operates lighting, use of the vacuum cleaner, kitchen mixer and other electrical devices. As pointed out by the owner: “It is very important the batteries of such off-grid PV system are properly dimensioned as the produced energy should be stored as quickly as it is produced.”

BISOL Group’s PV modules are valued amongst sailors. The company has acquired good references cooperating with the company Seaway, which produces hybrid boats Greenline. BISOL’s modules are also very resistant to salt mist corrosion; they sustain high wind gusts, sudden loads and other volatile weather conditions.