Chapter XI: Minimum resources

When are you entitled to benefits regarding minimum resources?

All permanent residents who lack sufficient resources (whose property and income fall  below a certain threshold) due to objective reasons may be entitled to the Financial  Social Assistance (denarna socialna pomoč).

State Pension

The State Pension (državna pokojnina) is a means-tested benefit. It can be paid to anyone  permanently resident in the Republic of Slovenia who is not entitled to a pension under the  statutory pension and invalidity insurance scheme or a foreign public pension. The person  concerned must be over 65 years of age and have permanently resided in Slovenia for at  least 30 years between the ages of 15 and 65.

Supplementary Allowance

Supplementary Allowance (varstveni dodatek) is a monthly means-tested cash  supplement under the pension and invalidity insurance scheme. It is provided to  pensioners with a very low pension, be it an old-age, invalidity, widow’s or widower’s or  family pension. In order to be entitled, a pensioner has to be permanently resident in  Slovenia.

Maintenance Grant

Maintenance Grant (oskrbnina) may be claimed after the right to Indemnity (described in  Chapter VII) has been exhausted. The widow or widower has to register at the  employment office within 30 days after that date and fulfil the conditions for entitlement to  the Supplementary allowance. Hence, this Maintenance Grant is also a means-tested  benefit.

What is covered?

Financial Social Assistance is determined according to the subsistence level, and is linked  with the minimum income (minimalni dohodek). The basic amount of this minimum income  for an individual is set at the level of € 230.61 in 2011. Minimum family income is determined  according to the family structure in the following way: for the first adult 100% of the basic  amount of minimum income is taken into consideration; for the next adult a further 70%, and for each child and for single parent families another 30% of the basic amount are  added.

The amount of the Financial Social Assistance is calculated as the difference between the  minimum income (of the individual or the family) and actual income (of the individual or  the family). The duration of assistance may not exceed three months when granted for the  first time, but afterwards can be prolonged for six months, as long as the circumstances  have not changed. In special cases (persons above 60 years or other relevant  circumstances) assistance may be granted for a maximum of 12 months. Permanent  Financial Social Assistance is granted to persons whose social status is not likely to improve  in the future.

State pension is a flat-rate monthly assistance, amounting to 33.3% of the lowest pension  calculation base. In 2011 it amounts to € 181.36. Supplementary Allowance is determined on a basis of the difference between the pension  and the threshold. It may cover a part or the entire difference, and also depends on the  length of the pension period. For instance, for 15 years of pension period it covers 60% and  for 35 years or more it covers the entire difference between the pension and the threshold.

The Maintenance Grant is equal to the Widow’s or Widower’s pension which the  beneficiary would have received had he/she been entitled. It cannot exceed a certain  level or duration (24 months).


How are minimum resources benefits accessed?

Financial Social Assistance can be claimed at the Centre for Social Work. Applications  may be lodged by using a special form, accompanied by the relevant evidence (properly  substantiated).

The State Pension, Supplementary Allowance and Maintenance Grant have to be claimed at the local office of the Pension and Invalidity Insurance Institute of Slovenia. The  office may at any time require a person receiving Supplementary Allowance to present  proofs of continued entitlement. The entitlement can be ex officio verified every two years.  Failure to produce the required evidence in due time might result in loss of entitlement.

Your right to minimum resources benefits when moving within Europe

Some special non-contributory cash benefits are provided exclusively in the country in  which the beneficiary resides and are therefore not “exportable”. These benefits are listed  in the Annex II provided at the end of this guide.  EU coordination rules apply only to social security, not to social assistance benefits.

Further information about the coordination of social security rights when moving or  travelling can be found at