One of the first things usually done when starting to live and work in  Slovenia is acquiring a valid drivers licence in order to be able to drive car or other vehicles in Slovenia. If you are holder of a valid driving licence issued by the competent authority of your state, you may drive the same categories of motor vehicles in Slovenia for a year from the date of registering your residence in Slovenia provided that the principle of proportionality is applied.

If you hold a residence permit and you have registered your residence in the Republic of Slovenia for a period longer than six months, you may request replacement of a valid foreign driving licence for a Slovenian driving licence upon satisfying the relevant conditions. You are required to pass a driving theory test to qualify for a Slovenian driving licence. You are exempt from the practical driving test if you are citizen of an EU member state, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Croatia or Switzerland.

Upon replacement your original driving licence will be returned to the issuing authority of your state.

A request for the replacement of a driving licence can be filed at any administrative unit. You need to submit the following documents:

  • current driving licence;
  • valid medical certificate if the term of validity of your driving licence was limited due to medical reasons (after examination by an occupational healthcare professional);
  • a 35 x 45mm photograph showing your true likeness and which is not retouched;
  • proof of payment of the administrative fee (EUR 14.19) and the driving licence form (EUR 1.23).

You may take a practical driving test at any of your local driving schools.

After obtaining a driving licence beginner drivers must within six months at the latest attend an additional training programme. You must engage in this programme also if on the basis of a valid foreign driving licence you acquired a Slovenian driving licence for categories A2 or A or B less than a year ago, but have not completed a similar programme in the state that issued your original licence. Further information on how to acquire a driving licence  and a list of organisations offering additional training are available at the Slovenian Traffic Agency’s website (in the Slovenian language only).