Administration and compliance:

Tax year – Calendar year

Filing and payment – Personal income tax is collected by way of withholding during the year if the payer of the income is a Slovene legal person. If the payer of the income is a foreign legal entity, the individual must report the income to the tax authorities, which then assesses the tax. Dividend and interest tax returns must be submitted quarterly, except returns for interest from the EU, which are due by the end of February, as are capital gains tax returns. For income taxed on an aggregate basis, the individual receives an information tax calculation from the tax authorities by the end of May for the previous year, under which tax prepaid during the year is taken into consideration. If the assessment is correct and the individual does not file a complaint, the tax assessed in the calculation becomes final. If the individual does not receive the information calculation by 15 June, he/she must file a tax return by the end of July. Thereafter, the tax authorities issue a tax assessment.

Penalties – Penalties are imposed for failure to submit a corporate income or if the return does not comply with the legal requirements.

Value added tax:

Taxable transactions – VAT is payable on supplies of goods and services effected by a taxable person, acting as such, for consideration within Slovenia, on intra Community acquisitions, including intra- Community acquisitions of new means of transport and on the import of goods.

Rates – The standard rate is 20%; a reduced rate of 8.5% applies to specified goods and services. Certain transactions are exempt or zero rated.

Registration – A taxable person must register if the value of its supplies within the last 12 months exceeds the EUR 25,000 threshold (EUR 7,500 for agricultural activities). Small businesses (including farmers) may apply for voluntary registration, valid for a minimum period of 5 years. A taxable person established abroad who performs taxable economic activities in Slovenia must register.

Filing and payment – The VAT return must be submitted and VAT paid by the last working day of the month following the taxable period (which is a calendar month, or 3 months for smaller taxpayers). Taxable persons that are also obliged to submit an EC Sales List have to submit both documents by the 20th day of the month following the taxable period.