The subject matter of the Invitation to Tender is the award of grant funds for new (greenfield) investments to be carried out by applicants – foreign entities of private law – non-residents (hereinafter referred to as: the foreign investor) located in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

For the purpose of this Invitation to Tender for grant funds, a new (greenfield) investment is an investment in tangible assets (property, plant and equipment) and/or in intangible assets when establishing a new enterprise, expanding an existing enterprises, diversifying the product range of the enterprise by adding new products or by making significant changes to the production process in an existing enterprise that already operates in the Republic of Slovenia in the manufacturing sector, the internationally tradable service sector or in the research and development activity.

An expansion of the existing manufacturing of the products already made by the beneficiary (recipient) (hereinafter referred to as: the grant beneficiary, that is, the project enterprise) or the legal entities connected to the grant beneficiary in the Republic of Slovenia, and an expansion of the volume of the services, that is, the research and development activity already carried out by the grant beneficiary or the legal entities connected to the grant beneficiary in the Republic of Slovenia, shall not be treated as an initial (greenfield) investment.

No projects proposing an investment in one of the economic activities listed below will qualify for

the grant under this Invitation to Tender:

– primary production (agricultural sector) on the list in Annex I to the Treaty Establishing the European Community and for the production and marketing of products intended to imitate or substitute milk and milk products, and cork products under CN codes 4502, 4503 and 4504,

– processing and putting on market of agricultural products when the amount of the co-financing is determined by taking into consideration the price, i.e. the quantity of such products purchased from primary processors or placed on the market by the respective enterprise, or when the cofinancing is conditional on whether it is partly or completely passed on to primary processors,

– fisheries and aquaculture,

– coal sector;

– steel sector;

– transport;

– shipbuilding;

– synthetic fibres sector;

– manufacturing of arms and ammunition.

Furthermore, no projects proposing an investment in wholesale and retail trade, tourism, construction, electrical power generation, education and healthcare and social protection will qualify for the award of grant funds allocated under this Invitation to Tender.

In addition, no grant will be awarded to the economic activities associated with exports directly connected with the exported quantities, with setting up and operating a distribution network or with other operating costs/expenses in relation to the exporting activity. Likewise, no grant will be awarded in the cases favoring the use of domestic goods over the use of imported goods.

No grant will be awarded to the enterprises in the procedure of paying back any amount paid incorrectly of state aid pursuant to the Commission Decision (EC), declaring state aid granted unlawful and incompatible with the common market of the Community.

No grant will be awarded to investment projects with eligible costs/expenses above 50 million euros (large investment projects).

The Tender Documents in the Slovenian and the English language available is by request. The Tender Documents in MS Word format may also be forwarded by e-mail in reply to request sent by a company to the electronic mail address: [email protected]

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